Anyone in search for skincare and cosmetic products that are totally fragrance-free will fall in love with the product line of Awake cosmetics.

Their products come in an adorable 'awake brown' color on their packaging, but what makes them even more adorable is the fact that they are as preservative-free as possible so skin irritations may be minimized of not completely eliminated.

Those who love their makeup feminine and subtle in color will find Awake cosmetics perfect for them. They have so many products to offer from powders and foundations, to eyeshadows, blushes, and lipsticks, to lotions and blotting papers.

Awake Hydro-Manage Makeup is the product line's signature water- based foundation. This gives a medium coverage that has a special formulation that keeps the skin hydrated.

It is in an airtight (for preserving its high water content that is the key to the refreshing touch) compact that comes with a latex sponge for application.

The shimmer on it may seem repulsive for people who are not into a shimmery finish, but don't get it wrong – the only thing they can do to your skin is make it look dewy and glowing but not shiny shimmery. Just make sure you apply it properly.

You may also want to use a powder on this foundation for that silky finish. Just be forewarned: the texture of this product may work well on oily skins but a dry skin may not get the same result.

Their eyeshadows apply smoothly and easily and the texture is just as wonderful as any high-end eyeshadows. There are a lot of gorgeous colors available like Rose Dawn, Ocean Surf, African Violet, and Moondance.

The thing is, they are not very unique and you can find the same colors (usually with different names) from different lines. But they are nice and perfect for those who love feminine colors.

Not to mention that you can pop them out into a duo eyeshadow compact or even into Trish inserts and Stila 9-pans. Their blushes work well on the skin if you choose the right shade for your.

Their lip products are not that special though. There may be a lot of shades to choose from but they are just as standard as any other ordinary lip product. People who are into emollient, rich – textured lip colors may actually turned off by their lipsticks.

There are actually a lot of other Awake cosmetics to try. But just like all other things, their product line is not perfect. However, if you are into fragrance-free, preservative-free cosmetics, Awake is definitely something that you have to consider.