Set yourself free

In part 1 of 'Awakening Your Inner Artist: Setting Yourself Free and Following Your Passions' we looked at what it takes to set ourselves free and awaken the inner artist within. Now let's continue by looking at various ways to keep us fruitful on this path of happiness and fulfillment.

Persistence, Persistence, Persistence...

The key ingredients of anything truly amazing is time and energy. Without these magical ingredients we would not grow into the wonderfully complex beings we are today, we would not have the magnificent cities we live in and the world as we know it would not exist.

It's the persistent application of time and energy to our goals that allows us to achieve them. Going back to the fruit tree analogy, if you stopped watering the seed of the fruit tree it would never grow and produce fruit. On the other hand, if you persistently looked after the seed by watering it and giving it plenty of sunshine it will grow and bear fruit.

Add the secret ingredient of time and energy with persistence and there is nothing you cannot achieve.

Great Minds Think Alike

Being an artist can be a lonely and defeating experience at times. The endless hurdles to overcome can pose a enormous burden to most. The key to soldiering on is to connect with like-minded people with similar passions and ambitions.

I'm sure you've come across someone who had the same values and passions as you did one time or another. The experience is as if you've been best friends or even lovers for years despite it being the first time you've met. You share a special bond that most others cannot even comprehend simply because you are united in values and passions. It's one of the most powerful sources of boundless inspiration and support especially when you are on the brink of giving up.

The best thing about connecting with like-minded people is that you create 'synergistic' relationships of fruitful mutual gain. Take for instance, if I have one idea and you have one idea, we exchange ideas now we both have two ideas. As opposed to, if I have one dollar and you have one dollar, we exchange dollars and we still have one dollar.

Surround yourself with like-minded people to recharge and inspire your soul.

Light Up Your Goals

Goals are like your beacons of hope in the midst of stormy seas. When the waves of the world wash away your uncertainty and dispels your direction, the only thing that gives clarity to your life is your goals.

Without goals you will lose all sense of direction and purpose. Think about people who've lost their jobs or a lover, they suddenly become broken, lost and helpless, all because the goals that they were working towards (i.e. climbing the corporate ladder or creating a family) disappeared.

When you set yourself a goal, you give yourself a sense of purpose and direction. The clearer the goal the faster and easier you will achieve them. Just imagine if you were in a room and all of the sudden the lights went out and it became pitch dark. If the goal was to get to the door it would be quite challenging to navigate through the darkness, however if there was a light at the door it would be easy to get there. You might run into a few chairs or tables but in the end you will reach the door (goal).

This is exactly what happens in life. If we can't see our goals we become disorientated, simply because we don't know where it is that we are going and what direction to take. When we are able to see or 'visualize' our goals then we can slowly move towards them. Even though we might come across some challenges (i.e. bumping into tables and chairs) we can gradually maneuver around these obstacles.

Your goals will light the way along this uncertain or 'dark' path as an artist. The more you are able to see or visualize them in your mind the easier and faster you will be able to reach them. Once you have your goal(s) clearly in your mind, your powerful subconscious will move you towards these goals without you even realizing it. You will start to notice 'opportunities' springing up randomly when they weren't there before taking you closer and closer to your desired goals.

Set clear vivid goals that light up the way in your mind first then work towards them.

Just Let Go

The very last step to becoming an awakened artist is to let go. It's probably the most counter-intuitive thing you will ever have to do however isn't life just one big paradox anyway?

The reasoning is actually quite simple and logical. When you become too attached to a particular goal or outcome you create unnecessary stress that only serves to destroy your efforts. As we all know, stress = bad since it alters the way we think, feel and perform negatively.

For example, think back to a time when you found someone you really liked. Where you became obsessed about trying to win them over. Obsessed to the point that you scared them away by smothering them or seeming too desperate. Conversely, when you were relaxed and didn't even think about finding someone, someone amazing comes into your life.

Letting go of the goal or outcome removes the damaging component of stress in our lives. When you are stress-free it is far easier to relax and focus on performing at your best towards your goals.

Leonardo DiCaprio auditioned over 200 times until he landed his first gig. What changed before he became a superstar? His attitude. He stopped caring about whether or not he got the job (letting go of the outcome) – he just did the best he could (relaxed and focused).

Let go and just do the best you can. Everything else will fall into place.

It is far better to live a life of freedom and passion than to be blindly bound by the social constructs that impede us to fulfill our potential.

Only when we become awakened artists we can break free from the invisible shackles of society. We have to embrace the risks and uncertainties associated with living a life of boundless passion and creativity, this is the price we must pay for true happiness and fulfillment.

Although many challenges may arise, it's the foundations you build and the network of like minded individuals that inspire and empower you to reach your goals.

As long as you are free and on your path of passion you will be an awakened artist that lives a life filled with happiness and fulfillment.

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