Original Oscar Party Games and Ideas

Last minute tips to make your party the talk of the town.

Your annual Oscar bash is almost here and you're looking for something different, something FUN, but easy to pull together.  You already know can invite guests to come dressed as their favorite star or character from a nominated film, roll out a (plastic) Red Carpet and print out ballots, duh!


This year shake it up with these three easy and fun Oscar Party pleaser.

1- Oscar Fashion TriviaBjork(86155)

Oscar fashions are very memorable, Nicole Kidman's 1996 Chartreuse Dior gown, Bjork's wrap-around-goose, the year Sharon Stone paired her then hubby's crisp white dress shirt with a Vera Wang lavender silk skirt, remember!?   

1.  Go on the Internet and find pictures of famous Oscar fashions throughout the years.

2.  Print the pictures, grab the kids glue stick and glue them to poster board, or hang them on the fridge with magnets. 

3.  Use those tiny square sticky notes to cover up the head of the fashionista. 

Guests will have a blast trying to name the fashionista from the past.  If you're the competitive type, like my sister's and I, make a game of it and award the person that can guess the most without peeking.

2- I'd like to thank the Academy...

Keep you guests glued to the TV even if they didn't see ANY of the nominated films.

Give your guests a reason to want to watch the show.  Put the names of nominees on slips of paper, folded them up and place them in a bowl by the front door then... 

  • When the guests arrive have them pick a name or 2 from the bowl.
  • Throughout the program guests earn points or prizes each time their nominee wins an award.
  • For added fun, pause the program and have the winning guest give THEIR acceptance speech, then press play and compare it to what the speech the real winner gives.

3- Don't forget the Oscar S.W.A.G. (an acronym for "stuff we all get", really, I googled it)

My sister Francesca goes to department stores and gets samples of different cosmetics and creates a special swag bag for all the guests with products that they can try and buy on their own.

Fran's SDWAG table 




Anyone can hand out miniature plastic Oscar trophies, take it up a notch this year!