Ever year we here about the upcoming awards shows to honor the most talented among us, but if you are not a fan of one of the arts, then you maybe unsure of what some of the awards represents. Listed below is a thumbnail shot about each of the awards, who presents them, and what they are about. Some award shows like the Grammy's provide fabulous entertainment during their ceremony, while others display their nominees in their designer's best and black ties out on the red carpet. Whatever enjoyment you might get out of these events is of personal preference, but in any case, I have provided you with a short bio so that you can become more familiar with these media events.

The Oscar: Better known as the Academy Award is the oldest and most prestigious awards ceremony in the world with over 200 million viewers during its air. On this night, the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognizes excellence of film industry professionals such as actors, directors, and writers by awarding them with the coveted Oscar. The first Academy Award was held on May 16, 1929 in Hollywood, however, nowadays it premiers in February or March. The event usually takes place about six weeks after the nominations have been announced. This year will be its 83rd ceremony.

The Grammy: In the beginning of its development the Grammy Award was known as the Gramophone Award, nowadays it is just called the Grammy's. The National Academy of Recording Artist and Sciences awards those that have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the music industry. The first Grammy Awards were held in 1958, and the first live telecast was shown in 1971 on ABC, however, NBC had been showing taped version of the awards show since the 1960s. Prior to 1971 the awards were held in New York and Los Angeles with winners accepting in either place. The 53rd ceremony was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on February 13th.

The Emmy: The Emmy is a television production and entertainment award. It is a little more complex than the preceding two. There are basically three different organizations that present these awards and there are 3 different divisions of awards. The three organizations are the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (they present the Primetime Emmy Awards excluding sports), the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (they present the Daytime Emmy Awards which include news, documentaries, sports, news, media, and daytime programming), and the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (they award programming based outside of the United States). The first Emmy was presented on January 25, 1959. Today the Primetime Emmy's are held in September and the Daytime Emmy's are held in June. The Sports Emmy's are held in the spring, and the News and Documentary Emmy's are held in the fall. The other Emmy's include the Technology and Engineering, Regional, International, and Student Emmy. The other awards include business, public service, humanitarian, and governor's award.

The Tony: The Tony Award is technical called the Antoinette Perry Award of Excellence in Theatre. The American Theatre Wing and the Broadway League give the Tony Award to those that excel in excellence in live theatre in the United States. The first awards ceremony was held in 1947. Originally the awards were handed out at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City; today the ceremony is at Radio City Music Hall. Currently there are 26 categories of awards given out, and several additional special awards. The ceremony is held in June.

The Golden Globes: The Hollywood Foreign Press Association presents the Golden Globes to those that excel in excellent in television and film both foreign and domestic. Originally, the Golden Globes ceremony was done in Los Angeles, but since 1961 they have been held in the Beverly Hilton Hotel in California. The Golden Globe Awards are broadcast to over 150 countries and they occur every year in January.

There are many other awards that are presented on a much smaller scale throughout the year, but these are the major players. You have probable watch one or more of these over the years depending on what you're into. Maybe this list of the awards and what they are about will make you more informed on the arts scene.