The Launching of the Awareness Social Marketing Software

Based in Burlington, Awareness Incorporation is considered to be a high profiled start-ups in the online communities software. One of the main functions of this software is to support social media marketing of various organizations. The popularity of Awareness Incorporation is truly overwhelming. Awareness Incorporation is a widely used location-based application boasting over 2 million users to date. The company has recently earned much applauded acclaim for its nomination for the MITX Tech Awards in the Social Media category. The success of Awareness Incorporation is mainly due to its extensive online communities and a skilled social media channel administration.

Their most eminent property, however, is the Social Marketing Hub. The Social Marketing Hub is an application that allows clients to interact with their own customers by means of publishing, management, and engagement tasks.

On top of these achievements and efficient software products, Awareness Incorporation has also recently launched the Foursquare Perspectives.

The New Foursquare Perspective Tool

Research showed that a high number of marketing executives were unsuccessful in incorporating the check in tool in to their system. Based on reliable statistical data and research, Awareness Incorporation took action to solve this loophole in the system, and this is how it came up with the New Foursquare Perspective Tool.

Social Marketing Hub clients have found the Foursquare application tool very helpful as this enables them to identify Foursquare tools that help them attract a larger number of responses in relation to rating the "tips" that the Awareness Incorporation clients published.

Advantages of the Awareness Incorporation's Social Marketing Hub

The following is a list of benefits Social Marketing Hub users will obtain when using the Foursquare Perspective Tool:

  • A simpler way of publishing tips by a single click allowing a rate of 1 or 1,000 Foursquare venues published tips and the customers of Social Marketing Hub users will easily.

  • One centralized system allowing group multiple venues and proper management of venues.

  • Cross-promote marketing content across Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and the like, using the same one-step publishing process offered through Social Marketing Hub.

  • Is offered as a free market research device to those systems who want to increase their statistic behind foursquare locations.

  • Integrates well with a business marketing structure providing the Foursquare Perspective Tool user a higher percentage of satisfied clientelle.

Foursquare Tool User Benefits

The Foursquare Perspective Tool facilitates the process of traffic checking and assessment helping its users to connect to society on a larger scale. Managing a social campaign for any business enterprise has never been easier. The Foursquare Perspective Tool is really a big help to its consumers. Having two million current users, it is interesting to see what the introduction of the Foursquare Perspective Tool will do to the economic growth of Awareness Incorporation. Currently, Foursquare is getting 15,000 new sign ups every day. We wonder how many more published reports this marketing tool will deliver.