Funny Shower Curtains - Cool Curtain Designs

Imagine the look on a visitor's face upon entering your bathroom and seeing a silhouette of a homicide taking place in your bath tub at the shower curtain. Well, fooling your visitor and adding a little bit of vibrant individualism can be provided by having funny shower curtains in your lavatory, and can turn every bathroom trip into a hysterical laugh trip to brighten up your day.

What are shower curtains for?

Shower curtains are usually used in bathtubs with a shower or shower enclosures. These are usually made from vinyl, cloth or plastic. Shower curtains have two main purposes: to provide privacy while bathing and to prevent water from flooding or spraying into the bathroom floors. They usually surround the bath inside the tub or shower area, and are held up with railings or curtain rods on the ceiling. Railings also come in different sizes and flexible designs to accommodate different types of bathtub shapes. Some people nowadays use two shower curtains: one inside the tub mainly for functional or decorative use, and an outer shower curtain which is purely decorative.

With a running shower, the shower-curtain effect manifests and your shower curtain tends to get blown inward preventing external spattering of the water to floors and carpets. Several theories have been formulated for this certain phenomenon which makes shower curtains so enjoyable and functional for everyday baths.

Shower curtains are becoming common in most household bathrooms today for their efficient and decorative properties.

Funny Shower Curtains

If you start feeling like going to your bathroom becomes a chore and a bore, adding an impressive and eye-catching shower curtain will change all of that. Many funny shower curtains are becoming available in local stores and online websites today, and their popularity can be attributed to the fact that they are quite enjoyable to kids and adults alike.

When guests come in your bathroom, rest assured that it will keep them talking the whole time. They will be completely awed and curious. Funny shower curtains certainly break the ice during awkward moments. Just ask them to go to the bathroom to let them experience your individualistic humor.

If you haven't found the perfect shower curtain yet that will make you say, "Yes, this is it!", funny shower curtains can actually be customized to your liking. They are most preferably hand crafted by companies to meet your needs and to ensure that your curtain is as unique as your personality. Some companies also offer free shower curtain hooks which saves you the time and energy to buy new ones. One perfect website for your unique shower curtain needs is, and they can help you turn you dream curtain into reality – and into your bathroom.

For those who sew and are creative and really want something unique, you can also make your own shower curtains instead of searching endlessly for your own funny shower curtain of choice. All you need is decorator fabric, all-purpose thread, a sewing machine, yardstick, scissors, straight pins, an iron, water-soluble fabric-marking pen (so you can make your own design), grommets and curtain rings. Many instructional articles are available online so you can make your own shower curtain to cause giggles and be proud of it.

Creativity for Curtains

Creative shower curtains have become such a favorite topic around the internet, and a certain website ( has even ranked their innovative, artistic values. The most interesting one is the psycho shower curtain, featuring a psychopath wielding a butcher's knife in an attempt of suicide. The next one is the London Underground Map Shower Curtain, followed promptly by the Bloody Shower Curtain with bloody handprints all over a white cloth. For chemistry enthusiasts out there, the Periodic Table Shower Curtain also made it to the list, followed by the World Map Shower Curtain for geography majors. An eccentric Red Flame Shower Curtain was also featured, including a curtain for the Top 500 SAT Words. A cute, metamorphosis shower curtain follows, and then the Singing Rain Shower Curtain, and last but not the least, the cute and charming Emoticon Shower Curtain. The prices range from as low as $6 to %30.

Before starting another hectic day at work, funny shower curtains will always be there to lift up your mood (and your children's if you have some), preparing you for the busy day ahead. These will keep your imagination running all day and allow a more enjoyable shower experience. And if you have guests, this will sure to perk up any atmosphere to provide more relaxing conversations.