The Fremont Experience in Downtown Las Vegas is home to one of the biggest turnarounds any downtown area has ever had. The Downtown Casinios were losing revenue and needed something major to happen to bring back visitors to the Downtown area of Las Vegas. The classic and historic downtown casinos of Las Vegas were tired of losing the limelight to the newer Casinos located on the famous Las Vegas Strip. The downtown casinos needed to make a drastic change, and they came up with the idea for the Fremont Experience.

The mainstreet of Fremont was blocked off to vehicle traffic permeantly and a huge canopy was installed. Every night the casinos cut their outside lights for a few minutes as the very long light show takes place. The huge TV style canopy shows a variety of different shows that are all very awesome to watch. 

Many first time visitors avoid the downtown area and the Fremont Experience because they are only familiar with the Strip, but they are the ones that lose out. No trip to Vegas can be complete without at least an evening visit to the Fremont Experience.

Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada

Plaza Hotel Las Vegas Nevada DowntownCredit: Flickr/time_anchor

The Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas stands guard at the end of Fremont overlooking the Fremont experience. Although the Plaza Hotel is old, it recently under went room renovations. Each hotel room in the Plaza Hotel was ripped out and totally updated and modernized.

Fremont Experience at Night

Fremont Lights Las Vegas, NevadaCredit: Flickr/bradleygee

The Canopy over the Fremont street really shines at night!

Vegas Vic!

Pioneer Club in Las Vegas, NevadaCredit: Flickr/time_anchor

Vegas Vic is the tallest Cowboy in Nevada, along with his Twin Brother River Rick and other Brother River Rick. Vic is the only one of the brothers to live in Las Vegas. Vegas Vic is a cultural Icon of Downtown Vegas. Vegas Vic was originally erected in 1951. 


Binions Casino in Las Vegas NevadaCredit: Flickr/time_anchor

Benny Binion started the Iconic Casino. It was called Binions Horseshoe for many years, but is now simply called Binions. The casino use to be epic when Benny was running the show, but since his death the family ran it into the ground until they were forced to sell it.

Vintage Fremont Street

Retro Fremont StreetCredit: Flickr/Tumbleweed

This is how Fremont Street looked before the street was blocked off and covered by a huge canopy and light show. This is vintage late 70's Vegas in all its glory during a parade. Pictures like this make me wish time travel was possible.