Perhaps when thinking about a travel destination the place Greenland is rarely comes to mind. However, Greenland is an excellent place for an exotic get away. This country which is part of the Danish Kingdom is the world's largest island. Even though they are part of the Danish Kingdom, they are ruled independently since 1979. Of course, a trip to Greenland might not be the best choice for someone who has the desire of sitting in the hot weather, but for those of us who want to see wonders of the world and something off the beaten path–well Greenland is the place.

Greenland Map

Awesome reasons to visit Greenland:

See the Northern Lights! Also known as Aurora Borealis, the beautiful Northern Lights are highly visible in Greenland from September to April. There are even Northern Lights tours. It doesn't get dark enough during the summer months. However, the midnight sun can be seen during this time in some locations.

Aurora Borealis

See the great wildlife! Greenland is home to 4 different types of whales. These include the humpback, fin whale, minke whale and killer whale. There are also many varieties of seals, musk ox and reindeer. Polar bears can even be seen in Northern Greenland.

Have great adventures! Fishing, kayaking, skiing, mountain climbing, biking, hiking, horseback riding and dog sledding are all some of the glorious activities for adventures within Greenland. Expert dog sledding tours are available for tourist. What a great way to take in the scenery!

Dog Sled

Take in the glaciers and icebergs! Some of these are 100,000 year olds. See them while you can, global warming seems to be taking a toll on these natural structures. It's a shame! Some of the traveling icebergs have made it as far as Bermuda.

Greenland Icebergs

Attend a snow sculpture festival! In March there is an annual international snow sculpture festival in Nuuk. Huge blocks of snow take on the form of art in this huge event, an annual tradition since 1994.

Have a hunting and/or fishing adventure of a lifetime! There are outfitters that have their own unique hunting trips. These can cater to groups and provide custom made trips. Fishing is in the form of ice fishing during the colder months and from a boat. It is very common to fish for Greenland shark which can measure up to 8 meters.

Experience the culture! The people are mostly Inuit who are related to the Inuits of Siberia, Alaska and Canada. Their language is Greenlandic but most of the people can speak Danish and many can speak English as well. The nations dish is called "suaassat" that is a prepared dish of seal meat cooked with rice.

Greenland Houses

Take in the plant life! Greenland, even though covered in ice, has about 500 different types of plants. Orchids can be found in 5 different varieties. In the south, there will be dwarf willow and birch trees.

Places to stay in Greenland:

There are many different accommodations in Greenland. These include hotels, cabins, bed & breakfasts, Seaman's homes and youth hostels.


Even though Greenland is the largest island in the world, it has a very small population. Actually is the least populated. There are usually not large crowds to fight to see attractions and it's very peaceful. Making that, in itself a great reason to Visit Greenland. Cities and colonies are mostly found around the coast line.