Do you love animals so much you simply can't even bring yourself to eat them? Do you find yourself around the front lines, fighting for animal rights? Do  you protest animal testing and will not use products which have been tested on animals? Well, there is a generous scholarship in existence to suit your needs in the event you meet these as well as other criteria.

The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) is a nonprofit that spends its time educating the population on vegetarianism and related medical issues. The VRG survives mainly on donations and educates schools, physicians and dieticians while developing healthy meal plans for children. VRG is a widely respected resource from the vegetarian community because of their great efforts aimed at advancing vegetarianism.

Because of some donations, the VRG offers two $5000 scholarships to graduating kids. To qualify, students must have promoted vegetarianism in their schools and/or communities. Vegetarians are understood to be people who don't eat meat, fish or fowl. Entries need to be postmarked by February 20, 2012, and this scholarship is currently for college kids graduating in 2012. Payment of the scholarship goes straight to the winner’s school, where there is going to be media attention surrounding this scholarship. Applicants may easily download a PDF on the VRG website to get started on their application.

You can find three major parts to the application. The first part is just general information together with information regarding ‘references’ from others inside the vegetarian movement. The second part of the application is an essay that covers sixteen major points about the applicant as well as their philosophies of life and vegetarianism. Academics will even play a role, and applicants are asked to add the past two years of report cards with their application for the third portion. The last portion looks to be the ‘proof’ section, so along with the transcript or report cards, they must attach recommendations and also any evidence of vegetarianism promoting activities.

Who'd have thought you can get such a large scholarship depending on the foods you eat - or don’t eat, for that matter. Vegetarianism has become a growing trend amongst the younger generation in the United States and abroad in recent times. Due to this trend organizations like VRG are stepping up to help educate the youth about the practice of vegetarianism. Scholarships are just one way that VRG gives to the community. Educate vegetarian friends and have them visit the website for more detailed information.