Lemonade is always a favorite drink of people regardless of their age. Some people like really sweet lemonade while others prefer extremely sour lemonade. Some people like to have a lot of lemon pulp in their lemonade and others prefer it with no pulp. Regardless of the type of lemonade you prefer here are some ways to spruce it up and create new family favorites that you will savor.

Strawberry Lemonade

Adding fresh strawberries to lemonade is always popular. You can either simply add some strawberries to it or even better use a high quality blender and mulch the strawberries into the lemonade and the top it off in your glass with some freshly sliced strawberries. Strawberry lemonade is always well received by distinguished guests as well as the kids in the neighborhood playing with your children.

Peach Lemonade

Put your lemonade into the blender and add a cup or two of fresh peaches. Blend well and serve ice cold.

Lemonade StandBlackberry Lemonade

Blackberries can be very expensive in some parts of the country so if you need to use bagged and frozen blackberries instead of fresh blackberries then feel free too. Add 2-3 cups of blackberries into your blender and then fill with lemonade and blend it up well. If you use frozen blackberries it will make your lemonade slushy, cold, and tasting great.

Squirt Lemonade

Add a can of the Soda Pop Squirt to your lemonade in the pitcher and mix well. The Squirt will go "flat" as the carbonation leaves so it is best to drink the Pitcher of Lemonade within an hour or so.

Lemonade and apricot Juice

Not everyone likes this combination but if you can buy some apricot pulp and mix into your lemonade you can get healthier lemonade that some people like a lot including me.

Make Your Own Favorite Lemonade

Buy a food mixer/blender such as the awesome Vita-Mix and you can make lemonade with whatever ingredients you want too. Experiment and have fun. Info credit: (Flickr/ninafrazier)