Classic White Flowers

These awesome white wedding flowers will add a touch of class in a clean, white look to enhance any wedding. The best part is that you will find these flowers in stock almost any time of year, but including seasonal white wedding flowers in your ceremony or at your reception is a wonderful use of these timeless classics. Have a look at these winners for every season.

Tulips for White Wedding Flowers in Spring

Spring Means Tulips

There is no flower that announces the arrival of spring better than the tulip, and a collection of classic white tulips are beautiful in a wedding. Tulips are a very clean and sharp flower that are attractive in a variety of settings.

One of the best characteristics of tulips is that they are very long-lasting cut flowers, meaning as a table centerpiece or floral display they will look great all day. If you time your wedding just right you might be able to get a real bargain on tulips in spring.

If you get the urge and want more spring flowers, pair tulips with some white daffodils and you will be left with the greatest spring white floral display that will make everyone forget about winter.

Daisy for White Wedding Flower in Summer

Daisies Rule in Summer

When summer rolls around you want a classic white flower that screams summer. That has to be the daisy. Daisies are very happy flowers that just seem to make people feel good. Outdoors they are wispy and clean, and they will add a brilliant white softness to your floral arrangements.

Like tulips, daisies are a wonderful cut flower with significant lasting potential, so you will get your money's worth. Daisies are in bloom naturally from early summer to late summer, so they are easy to find locally during this time.

You can find several varieties of daisy from single-petal varieties to ones that are thick with soft, white petals to the point that they start to look like mums, so there is something for everyone.

Mum For White Wedding Flower in FallFall is for Mums

Chrysanthemums are one of the best flowers in fall, and for good reason. They are strong, hearty, and literally covered with flowers. White mums look awesome in pots at the front of the church, and individual stems can be worked into bouquets or smaller displays.

Mums bloom naturally in fall over a long period, but you need fresh ones for white mums to look their best since they start to turn brown once they near the end of the bloom season. As with the others, cut mums will last a long time so there is no worry in the church.

A bed of mums looks comfortable enough to rest your head on, and they will add warmth to your special occasion.

Roses are the Perfect White Wedding FlowerThe Only Choice for Winter

Let's face it, not many flowers bloom in winter that are perfect for weddings, but white roses are always available. Of course, roses are also a great local choice in summer, but in winter they don't seem as out of place as summer flowers, yet they are elegant and clean.

For roses in winter you will likely need to head to the local nursery. White roses were made for weddings, so you won't be disappointed in them.

There may be no better white wedding flower than the rose. A single white rose is a symbol of love, and a whole bouquet just screams "wedding".

Red roses are beautiful, but white roses are divine.

Add White Flowers to Your Wedding

For a clean and classic look, add any of these seasonal flowers to your wedding ceremony or reception. Together, they are awesome white wedding flowers for every season of the year.