A Home Alarm System Control PanelCredit: Broken Sphere/Wikimedia Commons

A Home Alarm System Control Panel

Have you been robbed on several occasions?  I know of a few people who this happened to.   After this has occurred, homeowners might decide to get a home security system.   

Home Security System

Depending on what you are looking for in a system, some systems will start as low as $99.    The home security systems are quite advanced.  They come with touch tone pads   Usually the company will give you a  couple of days or longer to become accustomed to it, if you have never had one before.   Yes, you might make mistakes in the beginning and set the alarm off, but you will learn quickly.

Motion Detector

If you have a cat or dog, the alarm could be  scheduled so that your doors and windows are  secure while your animals walk around the house.   This is good for when you leave for work.  These detector’s are ultra sonic and quite sensitive.  For example, if you had balloons or decorations hanging that moved across the detector,   it  would probably set the security alarm off.  Just the slightest movement would do that.

Motion DetectorCredit: Broken Sphere/Wikimedia Commons

Motion Detector


Be sure that windows are  securely locked before setting the alarm, because high winds can  cause your window to raise slightly, thus, setting your alarm off. 

Audible Alarms
You have options  of using a  silent alarm or a loud audible alarm if there was  a break in.  Some people like the audible alarm, because they have hopes that it will scare the thief also. 

Battery Backup

Have you had any power outages lately in your area?  With a home security system your backup battery should take over so your home will stay secure.

Emergency Button

An emergency button could be installed in the event you are in your house and need help immediately.   Possibly you became ill or an intruder was actually in your house.


Suppose you have relatives or a guest staying at your house for a short time.   You can program a new code just for your guest only to secure your home when they are coming and going from your residence during their brief stay with you.   In that way your master code is not shared or compromised in any way.


Monitoring service might be available with your security system.   The great thing about the monitoring service is that if there is a break in, a  call could be  made to the police department immediately.   Usually the company will  call   your designated person.  That person should  just look and see from the outside if there is any unusual activity  occurring.  Your designated person could be a neighbor or someone nearby that you trust.

House Insurance

 You definitely want to add a home security system   to your house insurance.  Sometimes insurance companies will give you a discount for just having a home security installed.  So you get home security  and savings in your pocket at the same time. 

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Camera

You might like a  DIY (Do-it-yourself)  home security system camera, which you possibly, can buy online also.  They will actually record video inside your home also.  Then there are those have been known  to have hidden video cameras throughout their house as well. 


Now your home security system is no good to you if you buy it and do not use it.  I have seen those that do not turn the alarm system on when they are in their house.  That is a mistake, because thieves will invade your house when you are there also.