Axe products

Axe for men is the product line of personal hygiene and body care for men of all ages, but is primary geared towards young men and youth. These products work extremely well in grooming and caring for men's skin, hair, face, and body as they offer a wide variety of products like shampoo and deodorants. The marketing campaign for Axe is geared towards young men and plays on their hormones, showing that men who use Axe products will suddenly become girl magnets and they will all be attracted to them. It's pretty obvious that the marketing campaign isn't realistic but it still piques the interest of many young guys into at least trying the products out and see what it's all about which is great for selling and making money.


As stated it's geared towards the youth. Commercials range from young girls being attracted to them to their girlfrieAxe MarketingCredit: Selfnds mom's liking their smell. It's quite silly and ridiculous but still entertaining to watch, and their campaign is like that for the reason of they know people will watch it. There is a saying they have marketed stating "The cleaner you are, the dirtier you get" which plays on the idea in our minds of if we are clean with Axe products they we will get girls. The sales of the Axe product line have been extremely well due to their targeted marketing towards  adolescence and silly images for young men to view. Us guys are very visually oriented and therefore their commercials and advertising gear straight towards that.

Does it work?

I admit that I have bought into their marketing hype and tried out their deodorant and shampoo just to see what it was all about. I was curious how well it worked in grooming and cleaning and how good it smelled, but I wasn't influenced by the advertising about attracting women. I tried out their 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner for my hair and the first thing that I found was the aroma was really pleasing to my senses. The smell was great and after using it for a while now I can say that it's my new shampoo of choice. The smell is great and my hair is clean, so it does the job well. I had been using speed stick for my deodorant and after making the switch to my Axe deodorant the smell is so much better. I also like how it works so well and I don't sweat anymore so the products are great. The marketing may be ridiculous and hasn't influenced me, but my curiosity caused me to try it out and I love how effective they are at cleaning and how great they smell.

Does it have any effect on girls? Well again while that's not the reasonAxe EffectCredit: I tried Axe products out I figured it couldn't hurt to make some observations. I frequent a lot of places throughout my week with a lot of girls my age and I was just curious if anything would change. I can safely say after over 4 weeks now that I haven't gotten one single compliment, change in behavior towards me, or any looks that something is different. It was already obvious to me that the marketing campaign was just to play upon our visual interests and hormones but I couldn't help but just experiment anyway and there was not a single change in behavior. In spite of this observation I love the Axe shampoo and deodorant I bought and will continue to use it because I like it not because I'm trying to get something else other than cleanliness. Things that have a greater effect on our appearance and likeness has to do with apparel, clothing, and hair style so don't let these products fool you into thinking otherwise.

If you're looking for attention

If the reason why you are reading this and researching Axe products is to try and attract girls and get attention then you are going to be very disappointed. The only girl that will notice your change in cleaning products is someone you've already gotten such as a girlfriend or a wife. Don't let the marketing campaign influence you beyond just your visuals. If you are curious to try it out to see if you will like it then I invite you to give them a shot and see if it meets your standards and needs. I am pleased with the Axe product line and I'm happy to use them each day I wake up. The Axe brand has gained world recognition both in advertising and great products and I look forward to seeing their future commercials that will probably get even more ridiculous and outrageous. There is no doubt about their effectiveness, and their sales figures prove that.