Aygabtu Real Estate Calculator


- Free, easy to use and understand
- No full page refreshes with automatic, fast calulations
- No limits on calculations


- Doesn't include mission information
- Cannot enter your own unit information

Full Review

Being the last to the party doesn't mean you can't bring something new to the table. The latest entry in the world of Storm8 Calculators, Aygabtu's Storm8 Real Estate Calculator, does just that. The site has been around for nearly three months and with nearly 1000 registered users, it has proving itself to be very popular with those who have discovered it. The site has real estate calculators available for seven of Storm8's games including, World War Real Estate Calculator, Storm8's most popular game, and iMobsters Real Estate Calculator, a long time favorite offering from Storm8. Others include Kingdoms Live, Vampires Live, Racing Live, Zombies Live, and Rock Battle Live.

The first thing you'll notice when you open up one of their calculators is that everything is on one page. If the game has income and defense buildings, all real estate is on the same page. As you enter your information into the calculator, you'll also be pleased to see the calculations done quickly as you type with no need to click a calculate button and no full page refreshes. It also saves your information automatically, whether you are a registered user or not, although registered users can access their information from anywhere, while non-registered user information is available only on their local computer.

Other features we liked that are unique to this site:

- Unit/equipment calculations and lists are included on the same page with the real estate. This is extremely helpful in knowing what the best equipment to buy for your level, how much it will cost to buy as well as upkeep costs. It's also very convenient not having to jump between different pages.

- Registered users can have multiple accounts for each game, so a user that has three World War accounts can have easy access to three World War calculators. All other sites require separate accounts.

- Storm8 game codes are integrated into the site and registered users can actually track the codes they've added. This saves time because unlike most other sites where game codes are entered like spam, registered users on our site know the game codes they've added and they can also flag game codes as bad so other users can avoid trying them.

- Per unit defense from buildings calculation, slider bars, optimal income and defense difference from buildings based on what you've spent so far, forums, and user profiles are also features that set the site apart.

Give the Aygabtu Storm8 Real Estate Calculator a try if you play the any of the Storm8 games. We are confident it will be one of your most used sites.

In Closing

With so many unique features, we think anyone giving it a try will appreciate having a new entry into the game calculator realm.