Aztec Tattoos and Meanings

Aztec Tattoo Design Pictures and Writeup

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Aztec culture has had a profound impact on the world, particularly in North America. At one point they were one of the premier civilizations on the planet. Throughout central Mexico remnants of Aztec civilization and culture remain in clothing, design, and ancient ruins, defying time. 

When choosing an Aztec tattoo design, you'll probably want to know a bit about Aztec tattoos and meanings. There are a ton of images to choose from, and you can learn a bit more about them in this article! Feel free to browse the images to get a bit of inspiration for your eventual choice.

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Aztec Tattoos and Meanings: The Aztec Calendar

Aztec Tattoo Designs and Pics

The Aztec people worshipped the sun, which was at the center of the Aztec calendar, and surrounded by gods and goddesses on all sides. The Aztec calendar is one of the most culturally significant symbols in their culture, and it's something you can draw from. Each of these symbols, including the calendar itself, would make excellent aztec tattoo designs. The moon was also highly revered. 

The sun god at the center of the calendar is called (in English) Tonatiuh. The Aztecs actually had two calendars, one marking the passage of time, the other marking the coming and going of religious festivals. You should consider this duality in your Aztec tattoo designs.

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Some of the symbols of the Aztec calendar include the House, Wind, Flint, Movement, Jaguar and Death. Each of these symbols has deep cultural meaning to the ancestors of the Aztec people. You can see a few examples of these amazing symbols pictured above. 

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Aztec Tattoos and Meanings: Gods and Goddesses

Aztec Tattoo Designs and Pictures

The Aztecs, being polytheistic, had many different gods and goddesses that they revered. Any one of these gods and goddesses would make excellent choices for Aztec tattoo designs. Learn a bit more about them here!

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Chalchihuetlicue is our first example. She is the goddess of lakes and streams and bodies of water. Her name means 'She Of The Jade Skirt". She is a patroness of women of labor, birth, and baptisms. You should associate this goddess with water and the color blue. As an Aztec tattoo design, she can be associated with the ideals of hard work, water, children and childbirth. 

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Ehecatl is the god of wind. It is said that when he breathes, the sun is pushed in its rotation and the rains are moved about the earth. It is also said that he fell in love with a human girl, and he gave her (and the rest of humanity) the ability to love each other in return, so that she could share his affection. This god has no physical form, but is associated with the ideals of love, the movement of the earth, and passion.

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Aztec Tattoos and Meanings

There are literally thousands of ideas for Aztec tattoo designs out there, it'd be impossible to list them all. Do your research carefully, there are a lot of gods and goddesses and symbols, and many interpretations of each one. 

Good luck, and choose wisely!

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