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Different tattoo designs come up with different meanings and profoundness. The same line goes for Aztec tattoo also and does not make it an exception. The Aztec tattoo pattern epitomizes the civilization which once grew around the island with cities named Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada. In spite of the end of that era people still do not forget to bear the symbols of that ruined society


Most probably at the first half of 16th century the Spanish invaders came to establish their colony on Mexico and Central America. They destroyed the island and built the city called Mexico which we all see today. The native people migrated to the central part of modern Mexico city.These people were well-cultured and superior to others in respect of status. They were class-conscious and nurtured religion among them like blind followers. From that very period of time they used to wear tattoos to show as symbols of social rank and tribal art.


Aztec civilization developed through art,religion,culture getting parallel connection with power, strength and vivacity. Numerous Aztec motifs were depicted to represent separate themes and to convey a number of messages. Among tribal society  sun god Huitzilopochtli was the supreme god and considered to be the leading power to guide heaven and earth.They used to worship Him  as the god of rebirth also and out of this belief made tattoos of sun god. Tezcatlipoca was the god of war and often related with Eagle as it signifies strength and power.The other feathered serpent god ‘Quetzalcoatl’ stood for art,creativity and peace. The most striking thing to note among the Aztec civilization was their faith in religion and various ritual sacrifices.They had a belief that the god of sun would give them life and used to regain inspiration from Him. The War god was worshiped as one to encourage them to fight bravely and the serpent god would bring peace into their lives. A sacrificial dagger was used to cut the heart to be offered the sun god to make him happy so that He can guide them.People often made tattoos with that sacrificial dagger depicted on it. These religion and religious beliefs take a huge place in tribal tattoos. The sun god shown with  blue crown and making various facial expressions is tattooed to simplify the lost life of the lost age.  Along with that the other gods are artfully figured to captivate the attention.


Modern people can recall past ruined history of Aztec society thanks to the historical documents and discoveries. Even in today’s world men and women do Aztec tattoos for different reasons. Some want it for their rare combination of art and strength and some other may prefer doing Aztec designs for their religiousness. An Aztec tattoo design artist must be well-equipped with its meaning because each pattern has a deeper significance and ambiguity for itself. Unless one knows it completely he cannot portray mystery with the boldness and appropriateness


Women specifically design Aztec tattoos at their wrist or ankles for catching the spirit of ancient time whereas men may tattoo Aztec images for the purpose of religious sake and to make it look striking as well. Not only the reading but also the works on stones made  Aztec-tattoo art successful and popular among mass.   


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