Azurite Properties: The Stone Of Heaven
Credit: Stephanie Clifford of Sdixclifford (cc)

Azurite is a copper ore (the oxidized portion) that's found in Africa, China, and Chile to name a few regions. Bits of malachite can be found in azurite that's absorbed water (which alters its mineral signature). Azurite activates the higher functions of the mind. This includes the intellectual function, but there is a distinct focus on the other-dimensional connection of the higher mind.


How it Works

By uniting the conscious and subconscious mind, the azurite stone bypasses mental limits that are thought to be ordinary. It aids in the release of old perceptions and opens communications with the world of spirit. Azurite's ability to “open the way” helps the mind to find new approaches to dilemmas that previously seemed unfathomable. Azurite can also assist in the reactivation/development of psi abilities and consciousness of the subtle body. It also helps you to get a grasp on your mind and emotions. The stone's properties aid flow and will help energy to travel unfettered through the chakric system. The chakra it is typically assigned to is the Ajna (6th) chakra (also known as the third eye).

Azurite can also aid in healing physical ailments. Its copper content has a therapeutic affect on restrictive ailments like arthritis. It can also treat disorders of the circulatory system, other bone disorders, and afflictions of the skin. It aids detoxification as well through the stimulation of the liver. Azurite properties additionally enliven the thyroid gland.



When working with any gemstone it's advisable to make sure you do not work with them for more than an hour per session. The body does appear to need time to adjust, and prolonged exposure to energy that vibrates much more highly than the normal consciousness a person is accustomed to can open doors too fast. You don't want doors to ever open before you're ready to handle them. Beautiful other-dimensional experiences can become scary ones without taking time to adjust to higher vibrations.

Detoxing your system and focusing on organic foods and products is also highly advised. Toxins and parasites can wreak havoc in an awakened system. It's best to see them out of your body before you work to open higher faculties too widely.

The properties of azurite stimulate the brain and more profound high faculties of the mind. Azurite aids the essential state of receptivity we direly need in times rife with anger and a distinct collective ego imbalance that's trickled down from the self-proclaimed “high seats” of government. Receptivity is its own shield from negativity. Work with it to aid your flow, sense of direction, and comprehension of your capabilities as a universal being.