One of the most haunted place of India

There are many places in the world which  haunted. People around that area noticed some unexpected activities there. One of such place is Bangarh which is one of the most haunted places of the world.



Bangarh is a place between Jaipur and Delhi (capital of India) and famous for its ruins. It is in the Rajgarh municipality of the Alwar district in the state of Rajasthan. It is a popular place for tourist attraction. It is one of the most haunted places in India.



 The town was  as the living place of Madho Singh who was the younger brother Man Singh I (general of Emperor Akbar) in 1563. After his death, his son Chhatr Singh took control. After his death in 1630, Bangarh slowly declined. After the death of Aurangzeb, Jai Singh II attached Bangarh to his state in 1720. After the famine of 1783, this town remained uninhabited.





 There are two legends. According to first,  Guru Balu Nath cursed the city who allowed establishment of the city on one condition that the shadow of the palaces will not touch him. If it happens city will live no more. After it one day a successor raised the city to such a height that its shadow touches the guru. By this he cursed the town.



According to second legend there was a magician, Singhia living in Bangarh. He loves the princess of Bangarh, Ratnavati, but their match was not possible. One day he saw the princess in the market. He used his black magic on the oil she was purchasing so that upon touching it princess will surrender herself to him. But princess saw it and pour the oil on the ground. As the oil touches ground it turned into a boulder and crushed Singhia. Tantric cursed the palace with the death of all people who were living in it. Next year there was a battle between Bangarh and Ajabgarh. In it Princess Ratnavati killed. Legends say that there lived ghosts. According to the local people, Princess Ratnavati has taken birth anywhere and the fort is waiting for her.


Entry to Bangarh is strictly prohibited between sunset and sunrise. A signboard by Archaeological Survey of India specifies the instructions. Some students broke the rules and go to fort at night. They were not found, only their notebooks and cameras were found. There is an interesting incident happened with some tourists. Some tourists make fun about the ghosts at Bangarh fort. When they were going back in bus, bus met with an accident. Only those people were injured; no one else and also they were sitting in different parts of bus, not together.