BARB Test - The British Army Recruitment Battery

BARB Test Tips

The BARB test, which stands for British Army Recruitment Battery, checks your ability to process and understand information.  The test results are referred to as your General Trainability Index (GTI).  Your GTI is used by the British Army to determine which career(s) you are suited for.  The higher score that you get, the more career options that will be available to you.  That's why it's strongly recommended that you try and score as highly as possible.  The BARB test is comprised of the following 5 sections; reasoning, letter checking, number distance, odd one out, and symbol rotation.

A passing BARB test score is 26, which means 26 out of the 80 questions were answered correctly.  As I mentioned earlier, your goal shouldn't be to simply pass the BARB test.  If that is your only goal, then your career options will be relatively small.  You should want as many options as possible, then you will have a wider range in which to choose from.  Most people don't know what career they initially want to get in to, so having a large number of options is highly beneficial.

Another key point is that there is not a BARB test time limit.  Once you complete one section of the exam, you immediately move on to the following section.  You obviously don't want to waste time while taking the BARB test, just try to answer each question in the most effecient amount of time possible.

 There is some basic preparation for the BARB test, which applies to all examinations that you take.  Taking practice exams is always a good form of preparation, but so are the following:

Get a Good Night’s Rest
I was given this advice many times throughout my schooling and never really took it too seriously.  I figured if I knew the information, then that's all that really mattered.  That was until I took a couple exams without getting much sleep beforehand. There really was a big difference.  I remember a particular statistics exam that took me 2 1/2 hours to complete, when it should have taken me about half that time.  I had trouble concentrating and remembering formulas that I had studied for countless hours.  Being fresh and rested is very important for test taking, and is also one of the most important BARB test tips.

Eat Breakfast
This is another piece of advice that many don't take too seriously.  However, being well fueled is vital when you're trying to do your best at any particular task.  It'll give you energy and help with your focus, so you can take the BARB test to the best of your abilities.  It can be hard to focus when you're constantly thinking about how hungry you are.  Don't overeat, which can make you sluggish, but have a light meal that will keep you satisfied.

Dress Appropriately
If you are taking the BARB test, then you're main goal is to one day be a part of the British Army.  This is a very detailed and disciplined organization and they are looking for like-minded individuals. Take some initiative and show how serious you are about this.  This ultimately won't make or break your future as part of the Army, but sometimes it's the little things that show what type of person you really are.    These BARB test tips can really give you an advantage when it's time to take the exam.