Have you ever thought about what you are really feeding your dog? Your dog is part of your family and you want him to be healthy and strong.

You want him to be around for a very long time with the strength and mobility to enjoy his life. Can this happen with the diet dog food you are giving him now? If you have really done any research as to what is really in a dogs diet, then you may rethink what you are giving him.

What's in a natural dog diet? This is a diet dog food that is created at home by you. You will first want to talk to your vet and ask him about a natural dog diet and if it will be something your dog may benefit from?

An all natural dog diet (AN) is also known as a RAW DIET or BARF DIET (BF). The BF came to the US from Dr. Ian Billinghurst, who is an Australian veterinarian. He has written two books that explain why a natural dog diet is so much healthier for your dog.

If your dog is healthy enough, you will be able to put him on a natural dog diet consisting of a species appropriate nutrition. Since dogs are carnivores, this means that they will eat meat, bones and vegetable matter that can be found in the stomach of any prey animals.

There is a misconception about meats and whether it needs to be cooked for your dog. Dogs have a stomach that is meant and designed to eat raw food. Have you ever seen a dog eat a dead animal or bird and not become ill? A lot of vets even forget this.

The digestive system of domesticated dogs is not designed to eat cooked or processed food. If it is cooked, it takes longer to digest than would a natural diet. Also, remember, that there are natural enzymes and anti-oxidants in a natural diet that are destroyed once cooked.

What can I feed my dog? I will list a few ingredients below that will be a great natural diet for your dog:

* Raw Meat: raw muscle meat of any kind. Turkey hamburger or regular hamburger works great.
* Raw egg 3 to 5 times per week (include the shell)
* Turkey and/or chicken necks, or chicken backs
* Kelp and alfalfa – get the kind that is find powdered
* Powdered vitamin C
* Chopped Veggie pulp (carrots, celery, green beans, cauliflower, etc)
* Glucosamine Powder (99% pure)
* Essential Fatty Acids
* Cod Liver Oil
* Salmon oil Omega 3 ( very important to give this every day!)
* Flaxseed Oil

Please, if you do decide to put your dog on an all natural diet, make sure you give the Vitamin E and the Omega 3s. The Vitamin E will help the Omega 3s do their job. These two things should be given to your dog every day for the rest of his life.

What about treats? You can make your own treats at home as well. You dog will love a baby carrot or even a piece of apple. And believe it or not, dogs love ice cubes (they also love chasing it around).
There are so many natural diet options to choose from. Please remember to go over this natural diet dog food with your vet, and now congratulate yourself for making such a great decision.

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