Looking for a birthday theme that confluences the warmth of summer with your celebrations? Then how about choosing a BBQ themed party then?

Barbecues are popular among people of all ages and it is a great theme to have for birthday as well.

However, planning a barbecue party can be an arduous task if not planned well. Given below are some ideas that will help you in creating a memorable birthday BBQ for you:

BBQ Birthday Party

BBQ Birthday

BBQ Birthday Party Invitations

Here are few suggestions on how you can create beautiful party invitations that too at home:

  • Take cards, colour them with summery colours like blue, and add a curled ribbon in the middle.
  • Include a funny sticker inside with the wordings ‘Have fun in the sun at my birthday’ shining on the top of it. Below that have the information about the party written down. Then seal them with envelopes with personalised barbeque stickers.
  • If you want to amplify the ‘BBQ’ pitch even more, then have clip arts of grill on the envelope.

If you do not find time for making invites at home, go online to buy party invitations.


Stunning Decor

Stunning Decor

  • Hang a banner at the entrance. Make sure the colour of banner matches the theme of the party.
  • Use red and white checked-texture cloth to cover the tables.
  • Place flower vases and pots as centrepieces.
  • Decorate trees at the venue using small lights and sparkles.
  • Tie vibrantly coloured balloons all over the place and to add up to the decor, adorn the venue with beautiful paper work.
  • You should also arrange for beach umbrellas and canopies in case the heat reaches uncomfortable levels.



Yummy Food

As it is the mix of barbecue and birthday party, therefore your food should reflect that. Below are some suggestions regarding this:

  • The food items that are literally symbolic of BBQ party are grilled hamburger, hot dogs, and drumsticks. Therefore, keep a substantial portion of all these at your party place.
  • If you are expecting some vegetarian guests at your BBQ birthday party, then have grilled vegetables with portions of cheese between them. In addition to this, have food items like coleslaw, devilled eggs, baked beans and other such meals.
  • For drinks part, keep an ample supply of lemonades, strawberry tart, watermelon lemonade and other such refreshing drinks. You can also arrange for non-alcoholic cocktails like mango fizz, detox mocktails, and others. On netmums.com you can see how to prepare a lip-smacking non-alcoholic cocktail.
  • Although your birthday cake will serve the purpose of desserts, yet it is always good to have other choices at hand. Include a variety of ice cream and ice cream sundaes to feed up your birthday guests. However, make sure that you have provided multiple toppings so that guests have their desired choices.

Party Fun


Party Entertainment

There are plenty of games and activities, which you can plan for your BBQ birthday. Outdoor games like capture the flag, kicking the can and even volleyball make for great options. For fun activities, plan a karaoke competition, a summer dance competition, or a sack race. These activities will add up to the revelry and will decrease the sense of boredom among guests.

Party Favours

Your party favours should be in harmony with the theme of your birthday party. Select party favours like sunglasses, bag tags and personalized birthday party favours like caps with your name on it or if you want to be a little more innovative regarding this, then how about gifting flip-flops as a party favour?

A BBQ themed birthday is not only unique but quite exciting as well. Take a clue from the tips given above and plan an unmatched BBQ themed birthday party.