BBQ islands take grilling and outdoor cooking to new levels with modern, stylish designs and super convenient features. They are the next evolution in grills. Their convenient features make grilling a breeze and allow you to do many things that you could never do with a regular stand-alone grill. The BBQ island is a relatively new product but it is already incredibly popular.

With built in BBQ grills you will never have to run back and forth between your grill and your indoor kitchen again. You can do all of your cooking, cleaning, and prepping right in your backyard. When it comes to buying a BBQ island lots of people don't know exactly how to get started. There are a few important things that can help you get started, as well as a few important things that you should consider beforehand.

Determining your price range... This is the first thing you should consider. There are thousands of BBQ islands to choose from, so determining your price range will help you significantly narrow down your search. Their prices can range anywhere from one thousand dollars into the tens of thousands of dollars depending on the models you are interested in.

Considering the size of your island... This is the next thing you should consider. BBQ islands are larger than stand-alone grills in general, but many of them are quite large. Some people turn their entire backyards into kitchen areas. To determine your size range you should measure your backyard. You should also measure the area where you plan to place your BBQ island.

Where to place your island... Some islands are portable buy many of them are "built in," hence the term built in BBQ grills. Most islands are built in and portable islands can still be quite hard to move depending on the the set up of your backyard. Therefore, you should figure out a good place to put your island. Take weather conditions into consideration when thinking about placement. If it rains or snows heavily during large chunks of the year, then you may want to place your BBQ island in a covered area. Also take your backyard foundation into consideration. It is imperative to place built in BBQ grills on solid, level surfaces, otherwise they could become damaged. If you do not have an adequate foundation in your backyard, you can actually have a concrete slab built and installed in your yard for the island.

What features you can get with your island... Features are what set islands apart from stand-alone grills. They really expand the outdoor cooking experience and allow you to do things that you can not do with stand-alone grills. You can have counterspaces, bar areas, side burners, stainless steel sinks, mini-refrigerators, spice racks, drawers, and so on. You can even have things like flat screen televisions.

How to properly transport your island... It is highly recommended that you hire a professional mover to transport your island. You should verify beforehand that they have the capability to do so. Remember, BBQ islands weigh 100s of pounds and are difficult to transport so it is best not to try to do it yourself. Damage can easily occur during a move, especially with such large items.