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It is barbeque season once again, and whether you decided to treat yourself to a new barbeque complete with bbq accessories, or you have just cleaned up that old trusty one you have had for years, you are going to need the right bbq tools to do the job well!

Here is a list of the essential bbq tools you should have. If you can, have a separate container somewhere that you can grab when you go to do some grilling that is just for your grilling tools.

This way you are not running back and forth into the house trying to find the flipper or turning the drawers upside down looking for that basting brush while the barbeque burns out of control in the backyard!

Essential bbq tools or grilling tools

bbq tools

Barbeque Brush

Once you have heated up your barbeque, you need to use this brush to clean the grill. It works best when the barbeque is hot. This way you are grilling on a nice clean surface, and can avoid foods from sticking. This should always stay with the barbeque. But somewhere where animals cannot get it. I have found that it seems to attract night critters if there is even an essence of food on it. I found mine once all chewed up on the back lawn. They must have had a party with it!

Long Handled Barbeque Lighter

Many of the new models of barbeques have push button starters to light the gas, but if they are anything like mine, that is the first thing to break. So, I prefer to light the gas myself, but instead of throwing matches in there and risk an explosion! I just quickly use the long handed barbeque lighter. these are also great for lighting candles etc, so you may need to have a few of these around. You can get them in any department or discount store and they are quite cheap. Since they are also good for lighting candles, you may find this to be the first tool you start looking for! So keep one with your bbq tools.

Long handled metal tongs

Anyone who grills a lot, knows how intense the heat can get, and using the tongs from the household cutlery drawer brings your hands and forearms way to close to the action on the grill. So, unless you like to heat up your forearms and hands, you need to get yourself a pair of long handled metal tongs just for your grilling tools collection.

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Oven mitts

If you have a large barbeque, and you are going to be prodding and poking constantly, even with long handled tools you will start to feel the heat. So, it doesn't hurt to have a pair of oven gloves nearby just in case you start to feel the heat.

Long handled fork

This type of fork comes in handy for checking meat, or also for picking out things that fall between the grill. There is always a use for a long handled fork in your bbq tools or grilling tools collection.

Long handled basting brush

This is self explanatory. You make a killer bbq sauce, and you need to be able to smooth that on that juicy steak you have on the grill. But you don't want to be burning the hairs off your forearm either, so get a long handled one.

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Meat Thermometer

You can get ones for the barbeque. This is very important if you are cooking meats such as chicken, turkey or pork that needs to be cook right through. I personally have a meat thermometer in the form of a barbeque fork. It takes a tiny battery but this way you just jab the fork into the meat, and instantly it reads back the temperature along side pictures of chickens, turkeys or pigs to let you know if the internal temperature of this meat is the right one and if it is ready to eat!

Sometimes, if you grill over a very hot barbeque, the outside of meat can be totally done, charred even, and still be raw in the middle, so on the barbeque, you can't go by the looks, you should really use a knife to open it up if you can, but a meat thermometer I feel works best because when you cut open meat you risk losing the tasty juices, especially with chicken breasts.

Metal Flipper or Spatula

This is of course is a staple in your bbq tools. This is a grilling tool that most people have, and this is great for flipping burgers etc. You can get some that actually grip the burger to flip it.

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Metal grilling basket

This is something you should have in your bbq tools, especially if you like to grill everything for your meal, such as vegetables and fish. Anything that can easily fall through the grill you should grill in one of these grilling baskets. There is nothing that will ruin a barbeque quicker than burning vegetables or fish on the coals below!

Barbeque Apron

To complete this ensemble, you of course need the barbeque apron for your bbq tools set. This should reflect your personality, and show that you are in charge of the barbeque!

 bbq tools (20238)

Container for your bbq tools

You need a canister or can or container that is set aside just for your grilling tools or bbq tools. After they are washed they need to be put back in your container and ready for that next barbeque.

When organizing your bbq tools and barbeque area, make sure to allow lots of space, and if your barbeque has a cabinet underneath, you could keep your grilling tools there ready to go. You don't want to be leaving a barbeque unattended to go and find some bbq tools.

If you are in a spending mood, why not treat yourself to a collection of bbq tools or grilling tools that come in stainless steel kits. This way you will always have your bbq tools on hand and this looks professional and will be the envy of your guests!

So, have a great barbeque season, and treat yourself to some great bbq accessories this year!