The season is here, so grab the grill and lets go barbecuing. To most people this would sound like a great idea, but for those that are trying to lose a few pounds, a barbecue can be terrifying. Well you should know that with slight modification you can enjoy a BBQ without worrying about your waistline.

Hear That Protein Sizzle

Grilled Skinless ChickenCredit: Google
Chickens, steaks, hot dogs, and burgers are staples at any BBQ. You too can enjoy these proteins without any regrets, they just need to be the proper choice. Take the skin off of your chicken before you throw it on the grill. Removing it will eliminate a lot of the fat and calories. Do not forget to dress your chicken with BBQ sauce, just make sure you find a healthy opinion. When shopping for a sauce you want to make sure the brand has : no high fructose corn syrup, less than 300 milligrams of salt, low calorie (25 per two tablespoons or a little higher would be a good example), and of course it should be low in fat. When you are grilling for yourself and others make sure to only remove the skin from your chicken. Unless everyone else is trying to eat healthy, they will more than likely want it on.

When throwing a steak on the grill go ahead with the following options : Sirloin tip side, top round, bottom round, eye of round, and top sirloin. These are lean cuts of beef and they taste superb. A rub of your healthy BBQ sauce would work well on that beef. However if you must have steak sauce, try to pick brands that are low in sodium.

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Selecting turkey options for your hot dogs and burgers will save you some calories. The turkey versions have fewer calories than the regular brands. However if you must have beef, choose 100% beef burgers or hot dogs, these will be leaner. To eliminate even more calories you can also pick vegetarian options. Some contain no meat while others contain meat and vegetables. Try MorningStar or Boca products, they are delicious and taste just like the real thing. Forget the ketchup and add mustard or salsa. Ketchup has sugars and other ingredients that is not beneficial for someone watching their waistline. Do not forget to place your hot or burger on a 100% whole wheat bun.

Grill Some Color

Veggies On the GrillCredit: Google

A side of crispy grilled veggies would go well with your protein. Bell peppers, corn on the cob, and asparagus are just a few suggestions that are great on the grill. Adding some vegetables to a stick along with pieces of lean protein and tossing it on the fire will give you a healthy shish kabob. You can also throw a few pineapple slices on your grill, they work great with meat.

Even More Color

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Be sure to include a salad in your BBQ. Toss lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, and some sliced fruits together for an excellent summer salad. Using lemon juice mixed with a little brown sugar or a vinaigrette for dressing will keep your waistline from bulging.

Wash It Down

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No barbecue would be complete without a cool glass of iced tea or lemonade. Store bought beverages are never a good idea, they are loaded with sugars. Instead brew your own and drink with confidence. Mix hot water in a pitcher with some tea bags, sweeten the mixture with brown sugar, serve over ice, and you will have tasty iced tea. When making lemonade you can opt to purchase lemon juice or use fresh lemons. Combine the juice in a pitcher with cold water, add brown sugar, serve over ice, and enjoy.