B.B. creams (B.B. stands for "blemish balm") make aB.B. CreamCredit: Missha.net healthier and more natural alternative to traditional foundation.  Developed by plastic surgeons in Germany for patients who had undergone laser treatments, the cream helps to heal and regenerate skin, as well as providing coverage for scars.  Korean actresses, known for their flawless skin, discovered the product and began to wear it to achieve a perfect complexion off-camera.  Because Korean dramas are popular throughout Asia, many young women started to emulate their favorite actresses by wearing B.B. cream, starting a trend.  Various Korean companies then developed their own formulas.

B.B. cream is different from normal foundation because it is a much lighter formula, similar in consistency to a tinted moisturizer.  It is not a layer applied over the skin but rather sinks into the skin while providing healing therapy.  Many B.B. creams provide high SPF protection as well as skin-lightening agents which help to even out your complexion.  Some creams include a moisturizer so you can skip that step in your skin care routine, although applying both is still beneficial.  (Multiple applications of the same type of product, like a moisturizer, is also popular in Asia, where it is referred to as "layering.")

B.B. cream can be applied in a few different ways.  It can be rubbed into your skin with your fingers for the most natural look.  For more coverage, the cream can be patted on your skin, again using your fingers.  It can also be applied with a brush, but tends to look somewhat streaky this way.  A small amount of product goes a long way, with half a pump to one pump providing sufficient coverage for most people.  The cream will take a little time to absorb completely, and most brands get a little darker over time.

The biggest downside to B.B. creams is the limited number of shades that are available.  Because they are marketed to Asians, most creams only come in one or two yellow-undertoned shades.  The best bet for Caucasians ordering B.B. cream online without a sample is to get the lightest possible shade, which blends well on even very fair skin.  Some companies are developing darker shades for girls in the Philippines, which are likely to work on other darker-skinned women as well.  Another possible problem is the smell of the cream.  Many creams have a baby-powder-like odor which some find overpowering, while others say they like the scent.  

Popular B.B. cream brands include Missha, Skinfood, Skin79, and HANSKIN.  Choosing the right B.B. cream is trial and error, since you have to test each one on your own skin, however, there are some guides available.

Good luck and enjoy your beautiful skin!