BDI TV stands encompass a range of well thought out products with quality construction and finishes that should keep even the most demanding home theater enthusiast happy. Many models come with unique features not found elsewhere and the sleek, modern styling can make quite a statement to your home decor. If you're looking for a home theater setup for your plasma or LCD big screen TV, BDI offer a number of high-end solutions that break conventional wisdom without breaking the bank.

BDI started in 1984 and over the years has earned a reputation for innovative design and the use of quality materials. BDI do all their own engineering and design, but manufacturing is handled overseas in China and Taiwan. They don't sell directly to the retail consumer, so you have to go through a authorized dealer. Prices are set individually by each dealer so it pays to shop around.

One of the biggest advantages to using a BDI TV stand is the ability to professionally mount a flat screen TV without having to use a wall mount. BDI's 'Arena' TV mount comes in two configurations. The first attaches directly to the back of a select number of BDI floor consoles such as the Avion and Casata lines. Alternatively, you can get a free standing version that can hide behind a wide range of cabinets styles from both BDI and other manufacturers. The mount is articulated, allowing the screen to pan left and right and it can be raised and lowered to the desired height (in 3" increments). Unfortunately, there is no screen tilt adjustment. An open channel built into the center column can be used to hide the cabling giving a very finished look.

BDI's TV stands come in a wide range of product lines, many with clever design features that make setup and installation a snap.

BDI TV Stand

For room corners, angled rear sides allow you to position the stand snuggly in place producing the maximum of space with the minimum of footprint. Hidden wheels in the floor frame let you roll the stand away from the wall for easy access to cables and connections. If you have uneven floors, many models comes with built-in levelers that can be adjusted to bring the stand into perfect alignment and eliminate wobble. And lastly but not least, cable management. You'll find many stands have been engineered to help keep the tangle of cables and connections under control. Removable back panels and integrated raceways for routing wires help keep everything neatly concealed and out of the way.

A BDI TV stand is more than just a place to store your A/V equipment. It helps create a completely integrated home theater environment, protecting and showcasing your system to maximum effect while still giving you the true home theater experience.