BEDBUGS - The Good, Bad and the Ugly

The initial mark of bedbugs are usually reddish, uncomfortable bites on the skin.  In most cases, bites are usually on the shoulders and/or arms.  Bedbugs are inclined to leave behind straight rows of bites, as opposed to various other insects that deposit bits occasionally.

Additional Signs Are:

These nasty bugs deposit tiny blood stains on bed coverings and along the mattress seams.  Dark areas of bug waste can go into hidden areas on home furniture, wall surfaces as well as floor surfaces.  A fairly sweet smell from bedbugs?  Yes, it's true!  Odors, wherever bedbugs survive, are usually when they are together in large numbers.

These bugs are smooth, wingless pests approximately 0.25 inches in length.  Bedbugs vary in shades from nearly white, to dark brown.  They change to red-colored after they eat.  Similar to mosquitoes, bedbugs consume blood from animal species and/or humans.  They acquire their identity simply because they choose to lurk in bed linens as well as the mattress.  Also, they commonly cover-up throughout the day; as they are lively at night-time once they feed.  They could last several weeks and not eat a thing! 

Can you catch a disease from bedbugs?  These bugs have not been known to pass on diseases to humans.  Nevertheless, itchiness from the bites can be so awful, that some people itch enough to trigger breaks or cracks on their bodies.

How are these insects eliminated?  Bedbug bites ordinarily do not present a dangerous health-related risk.  To treat itching, apply an antibiotic cream, and begin taking an antihistamine.  For your home, the easiest method to address bedbug infestations are managed by insecticide spraying.  In the event you believe that you have an infestation, speak to your landlord, as well as a specialized pest elimination company that is competent with addressing bedbugs.  The most effective way to put a stop to bedbugs, is consistent checking for the warning signs of a breakout. 

In summary, the possibility of having bedbugs leaves us feeling insecure to say the least.  A pest elimination company will be able to answer your many questions and hopefully alleviate your fears.  Bedbugs are one aspect of their business; a problem that they have dealt with many times before. They will treat and hopefully eliminate the bedbugs in your home.   Look to them for their knowledge and reassurance!