Immigration to a certain extent may be seen as very hectic and this is as a result of the procedures to be followed combined with the feeling of being in a totally strange and foreign atmosphere. As many of us know there are so, many people who move into the United States for various reasons. Due to this, many policies have been set in order to govern immigration.

Among these policies there are quite a number which favor migrants to the United States. These great policies however, can only be enjoyed by legal migrants and not illegal ones. This is meant to ensure that visitors from other areas almost feel at home once they come to the US.

Many immigrants come to the country because they believe that they have sufficient expertise and ambition to profit the US market. Due to this, the country is very blessed in that it will almost never grow out of ample labor.

As an overall observation, immigration increases the income of the United States’ residents by allowing the economy to utilize its domestic resources more efficiently. Immigration also provides the country with income through tax revenue and public expenditure of people once they come into the country.

Immigrants also ensure that there is steady and ample labor supply which in turn raises the productivity of resources that are complementary to labor. On the same note, immigrants who come for the purpose of working increase labor supply in the country and it goes without saying that an increase of manufacturing workers enables the industries to produce more goods.

Immigrants also generate a new consumer base for United States products. The more the population, the more the consumer demand for products and this greatly boosts the country’s economy. If the country restricted its products to only the permanent residents then it would really miss out on a lot of profit because of the large number of the Immigrants in the country.

Depending on the reason for migrating to the Unites States, the immigrants also have a potential of positively stimulating the country’s economy through setting up of a number of profit generating investments. It goes without saying that there are so many foreigners who have heavily invested in the United States. Such investors have done a lot in terms of boosting the economy and it would be a major loss if even a few of them withdraw their businesses from the country.

All said and done, it should be known that as much as some of the Immigrants come with great benefits, the country should deal accordingly with illegal immigrants who in most cases pose great detriments to the economy.