Which Package is Right For Me?

While some people find that bundling their broadband packages with TV and phone services is a good idea there are many other people who simply want a broadband only package.  These people should look at packages that do not come with any additional extras.  BE broadband does offer these packages, but you should know about the packages that other providers offer, too.

ADSL BE Broadband Packages

BE broadband only packages work on ADSL connections.  The ADSL connection works on the copper phone lines which means that you have to have a phone line with this broadband.  If you look at broadband only packages you will have to pay a different provider for the phone line.  It is possible to combine a broadband only package with a cheap line rental. 

The speed of these packages will vary from up to 14mb or up to 28mb per second.  The 14mb per second speeds are for packages in areas that have not been upgraded to ADSL2.  The ADSL2+ technology allows the speed of the connection to increase to 28mb per second.  If you want to take advantage of the faster speeds of ADSL2+ you have to check that you are in an upgraded area.

Is BE Broadband Available in My Area?

To check this you need to use a postcode checker.  These items require your postcode and they will check what connections are available in your area.  Most of these checkers will also tell you about the providers that operate in your area. 

It is important that you find out what packages are available in your area.  Even if you are to get ADSL you may not be able to get all of the packages on offer.  This is particularly true if you are looking at a provider that works on LLU connections.  LLU or local loop unbundled is the use of technology placed in the phone exchange which bypasses the need to pay BT wholesale line rental costs.  This saving that the provider makes is passed onto the consumer in lower monthly package costs. 

The main problem with LLU services is that not all of the phone exchange will have them.  The LLU range of providers does vary depending on the overall size of the provider.  If you are outside of the range then you will be charged a higher monthly tariff because the provider has to pay a higher line rental cost to BT.  The postcode checker will tell you about the LLU services in your area.

Fibre Optic Broadband

While BE broadband does not offer fibre optics you should still consider the broadband only options with fibre optics.  If you are getting true fibre optics then you will not need a phone line.  As the name suggests fibre optic broadband runs off of fibre optic cables which have nothing to do with the phone lines.  Many consumers who get fibre optic broadband opt to not get a phone line because they can use their mobile phone instead. 

However, the problem comes when you are not using a true fibre optic service.  The fact is that most of the fibre optic connections offers to consumers are not true fibre optics.  These services will use an FTTC service which has a mile of copper phone wire from the street cabinet to the house.  These packages require a phone line and this increases the overall cost of your broadband package.

When you look at broadband only with fibre optics you have to note that the monthly cost will be greater.  Providers are able to justify these costs through the increased speeds you are able to get.  Most providers offer speed of up to 78mb per second as their fastest fibre optic broadband.  Only Virgin Media offer a 100mb per second package since BT stopped offering this. 

One of the biggest problems that consumers face with getting fibre optic packages is the limited reach of the fibre optic network.  This network has only reached 60% of the population while the ADSL network reaches around 98% of the population.  You have to check if you are within the network before you even consider getting one of these packages. 

Mobile Broadband Packages

People looking for broadband only should consider getting mobile broadband if they are not heavy users.  Heavy internet users should stay away from it because the speeds and data allowances will not be good enough.  However, if you are a light to moderate user then the mobile option could be the solution you are looking for.

There are three points to mobile broadband that you should consider:

  • The coverage of the provider is the first point that should be looked at.  Provider coverage will vary from provider to provider and they will be displayed in a coverage map on the provider’s website.  It is very important that you find out what the provider’s coverage zone is before you get a contract.
  • The next point that you should be looking at are the connection speeds.  Most mobile broadband works off the 3G network which offers speeds of up to 7mb per second.  There is a single provider that offers connection with the 4G network which offers speeds of up to 28mb per second. 
  • The last point that you should look at is the download limit of the package.  The most expensive mobile packages will have data limits of 15GB to 20GB per month.  However, the cheapest mobile broadband packages will have a data limit of 1GB per momth.  The most common package will be 3GB of data which is ideal for most people’s internet use.

Are Broadband Only Deals Right For You

Before you take a broadband only package you need to verify that this is the best option for you.  You also have to think about the type of broadband you are going to get.  Fibre optic  only is ideal for any heavy users because of the connection speeds and the unlimited data limits.  Light users should look at a mobile option.