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Protect the Engine for Your High Mileage Vehicle

About a year ago my poor old F-150 sounded like it was on its last legs.  The engine had trouble idling and would cough and sputter at red lights.  I even ran a couple to avoid having to stop when the sputtering was particularly bad.  I thought the high mileage truck was ripe for a trade in.

I decided it was time to go to my local mechanic and I was afraid of what he might say.  If the truck needed a major repair, the cost could well be more than the old truck was worth.  To my surprise, the mechanic brought out a can of BG MOA #110 Oil Supplement.  He suggested An older F-140 pickup truckCredit: wikipedia commons public domain - IFCARadding some to the oil in my truck, saying that the oil was probably not flowing through the engine properly and sending the wrong message to the electronics system.  The electronic sensors were then causing the sputtering.

I was ready to try anything, particularly a cheap fix.  To my astonishment, the truck began to run better almost immediately.  The BG MOA #110 really helped the high mileage vehicle run smoother.  The additive has allowed me to keep my vehicle longer than I otherwise would have without it.  What a great fix for a small amount of money.

How Does it Work?

Our engines run at higher temperatures these days.  Plus, I live in Florida and everything is hotter here. The higher operating temperature, together with urban area stop and go driving styles, causes depletion of oil components.[1] Without the protection of certain oil additives, oil oxidation can occur. The oxidation causes the oil to become more like sludge in the engine and it doesn’t flow throughout the engine as well.

BG MOA #110 helps to keep the viscosity of the engine oil engine oil intact by alleviating some of the impact of the excessive oxidation, which causes the engine to run better.  The oil becomes less thick. Allowing the engine oil to flow easier with the correct additives extends engine life.

Where to Buy BG MOA #110?

The BG product is available at most mechanic shops, auto parts stores and online.  Once you buy it, you simply put some in the oil fill spout of your car or truck engine.  I keep it simple and have some added whenever I get an oil change.  It helps to keep my old high mileage truck running smooth.  The product costs me an extra $15 at the time of oil change if I get it from the mechanic shop.  The cost at an auto parts store or online is about $10.  Getting the additive at the time of an oil change is a convenience and I could just add it myself to save a couple bucks, which I’ve also done at times if the truck is running rough between oil changes.


You can keep your high mileage vehicle in service longer if you use this additive.  I’ve had great results from it so far.  I probably would have traded in my truck last year without it.

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