Ace the BMAT Examinations

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The BMAT also known as the BioMedical Admissions Test is a subject specific admissions examination taken by students who intend to apply to medicine related courses in the United Kingdom. The BMAT is administered and owned by Cambridge Assessment which is one of the largest assessment agencies in the world. Cambridge Assessment produces and marks the tests, and also facilitates a worldwide network where candidates can take the BMAT.

BMAT Examination Sections


The BMAT examination is a two-hour assessment of a candidate’s knowledge in three major sections. The first section involves a test on aptitude and skills which consists of short answer questions and multiple choices. This section is an assessment of the examinee’s problem solving skills, data analysis, inference and understanding of arguments. The length of time allowed for this section is 60 minutes for 35 questions.

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The second section is an assessment of the candidate’s scientific knowledge and practical applications. This tests the examinee’s ability to practically apply scientific knowledge that is normally encountered in school math and science courses, including the National Curriculum Key Stage 4. This section has 27 questions and the examinee can select from multiple choices and provide answers to short questions. The allowed time for this section is 30 minutes.

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The third and last section involves a writing task that tests the candidate’s ability to choose, develop and organize ideas and putting them into writing. There are four questions to choose from, and a concise and effective essay is required to ace the test. This section is to be completed within 30 minutes. A space for drafts and rough work is provided on the question paper for Section 3.

BMAT Vital Information

The BMAT examination takes place every year. Registration entries may be submitted on the 1st of September of every year, and the entire process will run up to the 2nd of November when the examination takes place. The results will be released on the 23rd of November, via the Online Results system, as Cambridge Assessment no longer issue paper results. The cost for the entire examination is £21.50 for all UK candidates.

Preparation for BMAT

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There is no need to cram for the BMAT as the test will rely on your existing knowledge and skills. However, it is still important to be familiar with the test questions and the answer styles necessary. If you are not that skilled in essay writing, it is best to practice beforehand. There are also practice tests in the BMAT website, which will help you be prepared for the entire exam.


BMAT is an examination and assessment for individuals who intend to take medical related courses. The entire exam consists of three sections which need to be completed within two hours. The BMAT website is a good resource for exam preparation. Beware of companies who claim to provide assistance because only Cambridge Assessment has access to the examination details. BMAT does not require for an examinee to cram beforehand, as the entire exam is based on the existing knowledge and skills of the examinee.