If you own a BMW 3 series, such as the 325, 328, 330, 335 then this is likely your baby, and you are going to treat it with care. After all, a BMW is quite an investment, and so why let the elements attack your car?

Finding a BMW car cover, that fits your particular BMW such as the 3 series, is not hard. You can find them at your BMW dealership or any BMW after market accessory store. But these can get really expensive. Yes, we know they help to keep the sun from fading the interior and yes, we know it helps with those lovely bird "doo doo's" by preventing them from baking onto your car finish, but they can be expensive..

But you can imagine just how you are going to feel, if you head out on vacation somewhere, and come back to your BMW right where you left it, in the driveway, with debris, dirt from that last thunderstorm and baked on bird doo doo. Now you have to wash it, and try and get off that sap from the tree and the bird doo doo, without marring the finish. Or maybe the neighbors cat, sat on top of the car and left his foot prints. Cars take a beating in the driveway, when they sit for any length of time.

So, by purchasing a BMW car cover, one designed just for your car, such as the 3 series (325, 328, 330, 335) , you can cover it quickly. They fit well, and are easy to put on and take off once you get the hang of it. So, if you are planning on parking your BMW for any length of time, then make sure you use a BMW car cover, or even in public parking, if you are going to be parked for any length of time, such as at a "Park n Fly" at the airport. By covering your car, you can help to prevent scratched from people rubbing by it.

So, if you decided that you would like to get a BMW car cover, but find the dealership too expensive for your 3 series, then check out online stores. You can get lots of variety by shopping online, plus it can be cheaper. Amazon is one such place that carries BMW car covers. BMW Outdoor Car Cover 325 328 330 335 M3 Sedan, Coupe & Convertible (2006+)bmw car cover(pictured)

You can use online stores for researching prices and types of BMW car covers for your baby!. This one pictured, completely hugs a BMW 3 series, without even a wrinkle!. This particular BMW car cover, works well for outdoors, and protects your car from all the elements, from wind, rain, snow and ice. Once you put it on your car, you know it will be protected from those harsh winds and hot sun rays that can age your car fast.

Especially, if it will be parked for any length of time, such as when you are away on vacation, or if you choose not to drive it in the winter time. This particular BMW car cover is made from breathable fabric, so that if any moisture does get under, it evaporates quickly.

The outer layer of this BMW car cover, works well at preventing scratches, and the damage from birds, and the elements, such as fine scratches, that you can get when wind whips small branches and twigs around.

The best part, is that the inner side of the cover, is soft against your paint surface. This is also a washable cover. So, once you have taken it off, shaken any debris off of it, you can wash it for next time, and it comes with a storage bag.

It has overlapping seams, and reinforced grommets that do the job well. It is easy to take off and put on again. You can do it quite quickly. So, next time you want to go on vacation and are leaving your baby (BMW 3 series) in the driveway or public parking, then why not consider purchasing a good BMW car cover and protect your investment?

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