BMX racing bikes are one of the more common and popular types of extreme cycling right next to dirt and freestyle. This aspect of the sport can be performed on two main kinds of terrain which are pavement and dirt. BMX racing bikes that are made for paved raceways will have slicker, skinnier tires and a lightweight frame. Those that are designed strictly for dirt and off-road have thicker, more grippy wheels and a highly durable frame that tends to weigh a bit more than the aforementioned lightweight construction.

If you are looking for the best BMX racing bikes, you are about to learn all about a few of them as we go over some of the most celebrated adult, teen and kids models complete with reviews, prices and where to buy for cheap.

BMX Racing Bikes

Best BMX Racing Bikes for Sale

There are plenty of brands to think about when you go to buy this style of cycle. A few of the more popular companies to pick between are:

These companies are known to produce some of the most high quality BMX racing bikes for sale and each one has multiple models to choose from. There are also a few other brands that are very reputable for aftermarket components for this style of cycling like: Profile, a company famous for their performance cranks and other parts and accessories; and FMF, a manufacturer of frames for BMX racing bikes for sale.

One of the best BMX racing bikes for sale is the 2010 GT Power Series. This model actually comes in several different styles including the Power Series Pro, Expert, Micro, and XL. The GT Power Series Pro and XL are geared towards riders 13 years and older, the Expert is for kids between 10 and 13 years old, go figure there. You can choose from either the 20" or 24" BMX racing bikes and they all come with basically the same features. That being said, those features are quite impressive with things like a stiff, yet super light frame, a durable chromoly fork, and forged 3-piece cranks, all for about $

Next we'll take a look at the Intense Pro Series. You can find both 24" and 20" BMX racing bikes for sale from Intense and they are all highly regarded and have rave reviews. The Pro Series in particular is extremely coveted by riders and cost about $450 to $500 depending on where you shop. For that steep price you get a lot, however. They only weigh about 23 to 24 pounds and have tons of amazing performance parts and components. The Hydroformed TT 21" frame, SINZ Chromoly fork, and SINZ Chromoly 180mm 3-piece cranks are what really make these Intense BMX racing bikes so...well...intense!

Best BMX Racing Bikes for Kids

One of the most celebrated models for children is the SE Bronco Mini which is available in both 2009 and 2010 editions. These entry-level BMX racing bikes for kids are great for either boys or girls and come in a few different colors including white, popsicle orange, green and red. They can be used for competing on the dirt track or simply just cruising around the block. For about $150 to $200 you'll get the SE Bronco Mini complete with a low profile frame that's perfect for kids, resilient steel and aluminum parts that are designed for longevity and performance, reliable V-Brakes and tough overbuilt wheels that can hold up to all kinds of abuse.

The Diamondback Nitrus Jr is next on the list and for about $250 you can expect to get a really nice cycle if you choose to buy this one. These are some of the best BMX racing bikes for kids because they are built to be like miniature versions of a pro model. With an FSA 1" threadless headset, 6061 aluminum 23.5" x 4" handlebars, 165mm forged aluminum 3-piece cranks, 40t alloy sprocket, chromoly steerer fork with Hi-Ten steel legs and a durable and lightweight 6061 heat treated aluminum frame, it's no wonder why these continue to be some of Diamondback's top selling BMX racing bikes for kids year after year.

Cheap BMX Racing Bikes for Sale

If you want to get a good model, you are going to have to shell out some cash. Cycles of this type are usually kind of expensive for a reason, and it's mainly because they are built and designed with such precision and care. The performance parts and components themselves are enough to drive up the price and make it difficult to find cheap BMX racing bikes but then you also have to factor in the labor and supply and demand as well with the popularity of this sport continuously growing.

As I have mentioned in several of my other article relating to this topic, one of the most effective ways of buying cheap BMX racing bikes for sale is to wait until the current models go on discount or clearance. This usually happens in most stores both online and local once at the end of summer, then again around Christmas, and again around spring. Sometimes they become available for discount prices because of the season and other times it's because the cycle manufacturers are about to release some new models. This is is your best opportunity to get cheap BMX racing bikes because you don't have to worry about sacrificing quality for a low price.

If all else fails, you can always search for second-hand cycles from people in your area or online. Buying used BMX racing bikes is a great way to save money but you have to be careful and make sure you don't get ripped off. There are a lot of scammers on eBay and Craigslist that are really good at ripping people off. A lot of times you can even find some pretty good deals on used BMX racing bikes from sporting goods stores, pawn shops and cycle shops.

Most of the time, shopping online for cheap BMX racing bikes for sale is the most effective method of all. There are so many different stores to shop at and comparing prices is a breeze.