BOB Jogging Strollers are one of the most popular brands of baby strollers on the market today. The BOB company that started out designing bike trailers in 1991 soon saw the need to design the most reliable, durable and highest performing jogging strollers. The company Beast of Burden quickly went to the acronym BOB when it was found that the name was too much of a burden to say. Thanks to them, parents every where can find a jogging stoller that they can rely upon to fit all their needs. There are several different varieties available and below are some descriptions of their features.

The Revolution Stroller can be purchased as a single jogger or double jogger. It's front pivoting swivle wheels allows for easy maneuvering on an assortment of pavements and surfaces. The front wheel can also be locked forward for the best movement when going straight or running. It can be folded up quickly with its two-set up fold design. The generously padded seats also recline so that it can be used for infants.

The Revolution 12" AW Stroller can also be found in single and double sizes. It is known for it's ability to handle the toughest of roads and ease of movement in tight spaces. It has a durable frame, swivel wheel for great maneuverability (the front wheel also lock up for safety when running on highly uneven ground), fast two-step folding and 12' wheels in the back and front so that it takes up less room when folded. Additionally, it offers great suspension for a smooth and enjoyable ride despite the conditions of the road surfaces. There is an abundant amout of storage space and has a full capony to offer sun protection. Besides having the most comfortable seating, it also reclines to allow your baby to grow with the stroller.

The Stroller Strides Fitness Stoller offers many of the same features of the Revolution and Revolution 12'. This stroller is unique as it was a collaboration with Lisa Druxman who is the fitness expert that created the national exercise program, Stroller Strides. It is the official stroller for Stroller Strides. With this stroller the owner will also receive the Stroller Strides Fitness Kit that includes exercise bands and the exercise manual inside the handlebar console. It is also available as a single jogger or double jogger. Another great collaboration was the Ironman Stroller, the officail stroller of the Ironman Triatholon. It comes in single and double and is the most lightweight of all the strollers.

The Sport Utility Stoller, available as a single or double, is the stroller to get if you love adventure and the great outdoors. It was designed specifically to be able to handle the toughest of terrains; curbs, cracked roads and bumpy hiking trails. The 16' wheels can get you going easily wherever your destination and with the innovative adjustable suspension system, you can give your child a smooth ride no matter your destination. If you want to treat yourself, then opt for the Sporty Utility Stroller D'Lux. You deserve the additional perks such as the aluminum wheels and semi-slick tires for on-road performance.

The BOB jogging strollers undoubtly are one of the toughest and best performing of the strollers out there. Whether you are a serious jogger or just appreciate the versatility of stroller, you'll be able to find one that meets your needs and that you will love.