Solar Panels by BP

In a world of failing health, it is important that we learn to keep our Earth alive. BP Solar, a major innovator in this field makes solar panels for any number of locations. Whether it is your home or entire business that wants to save energy, BP Solar is the best name you will find out there. So if you want to help our planet move for a greener tomorrow, purchase BP Solar panels for your home or workplace today.


Models for the Home

230 Watt Starter Kit

This model has everything one needs to get started with solar energy, while coming at a price that is not as difficult to come up with as some of the other models. Though this model will of course not crank out as much power as a larger sized one, it is still a great place to start.

One Kilowatt Complete System

With a little more power than the previous model, this one kw model has all the power needed for a home. Getting green is a long and involved process. Having such powerful panels on top of your roof will only speed this process up. Our planet will thank you for this.


Models for the Workplace

Depending on the energy needs of one's business, there are any number of models that could do their job successfully for your particular situation. No matter what it is, BP Solar makes a model for you, guaranteed.

3.01 KW Complete Solar System

A smaller business might want to look into this model. It cranks out a huge amount of power for the price and it will pay for itself in no time. However, many businesses might find that their needs outweigh the output of the system.

20.21 KW Visp Solar System

Now, here is a machine with some power behind it. No more will you worry yourself away about the energy costs of your workplace. Once this machine has payed for itself, which it will do quickly, there is no end to the savings you'll receive!

50.1 KW Visp Solar System

Finally, we come to the coup de grâce of BP Solar. This system has an outstanding fifty kilowatts of power! There is no way one could use this much energy so it will only save you money! No matter what you need, BP Solar has a model for you!