Everyone remembers baby's first birthday party by the picture of the birthday cake smeared all over the baby's face. Giving a one year old baby a birthday cake to demolish seems to be a rite of passage into toddlerhood. However, when the smearing of the birthday cake turns into actual eating there might be problems that follow. Most babies' digestive systems are not able to process a large amount of sugar, and there may also be ingredients in traditional cakes that are not recommended for babies that young. Fortunately, you do not have to forgo the cake completely. Here are some sugguestions for making the first birthday cake a little healthier and more compatable with your child's limited diet.

Most people think of cakes as either chocolate or vanilla flavored, when you can really make a custom cake to whatever flavor you wish. Why not try an applesauce, banana, or carrot cake? These ingredients are baby friendly and still provide your little one with some nutrition as she enjoys her cake. If you are weary about serving your guests a non traditional cake, just make a small, healthy cake for the birthday girl or boy and let a bakery handle the cake for the rest of your guests.

Frosting can be so saturated with sugar that it will make grown adults sick--imagine how a one year old will respond to it! Try reduced sugar (not artificial sugar substitute) recipes to get the messy frosting face without the vomitting hours later. Combining organic yogurt and cream cheese makes a great frosting that adds just enough sweetness to get your little one licking their fingers. For the breastfeeding mother, try whipping up a batch of breastmilk frosting to give your little one the added nutritional bonus plus provide a familiar taste.

If you do not want to tackle baking your child's birthday cake yourself, you can find a healthier alternative at an ice cream shop. Ask about their selection of frozen yogurt cakes or sorbet treats. These options still result in great cakes that will provide the necessary mess for your baby to play in while offering a healthy birthday treat.