Why do people go crazy over a baby's first birthday party? Think about it, do the babies really know that the fuss is over them? What's the point? Sure it's nice to celebrate any birthday, but what's the big deal over the baby's first birthday?

There was a time, and there still is a time in third world countries where the first year of life is the most crucial to survival. Some cultures they don't name their children to they reach their first or second birthday. This is because there are many sicknesses, diseases, and virus' that could kill the babies within the first year. Even being malnourished is a possible cause of death. So for these people the first year is extremely important. The first birthday marks a huge milestone and gives the parents hope that the baby is stronger and able to live life. But with that said... These people don't celebrate with extravagant parties. Not the way most of us like to celebrate our babies first birthdays!

So if the baby doesn't know that the excitement is for them, then why do we do it? Is it a status thing? Maybe it makes us look like better parents? Wealthier parents? How about we are just keeping up with the Joneses. Is it REALLY worth it? Why?

Save your money and put it into a bond for your child. Let them enjoy their "birthday" and present years later. Do something special with your family, and choose to celebrate the later years with your child. The years that they will remember. The years that will really mean more to them, than their first birthday.

Yes it may be their ONLY first birthday, but that is true about any birthday. They will only get 1 chance to celebrate their second, third, or fourth birthday. They will have plenty more birthdays to celebrate, so why bother?