Picking out the perfect baby gifts for girls can be a challenge if the mom-to-be doesn’t have a registry that makes gift selection a snap. You could certainly pick up a few baby care essentials, and they are sure to be appreciated, but for something a little bit more personal with sentimental value, there are a few options that you could consider so that your gift really stands out at the baby shower.

Let’s Start with the Basics

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion, 18-Fluid Ounces BottleThere are some cute baby gifts for girls that should be the standard at any baby shower. These items are typically always loved and appreciated, and it doesn’t matter if the mom-to-be gets several of them because she is sure to find them immensely useful once her baby girl is born.

  • Baby lotion, baby shampoo, baby powder and body wash always go over well. A new mom can never have too many of these types of items; consider looking for organic products or perfume-free products that are suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Diaper wipes are something that every parent will go through in mass amounts once baby arrives. Prepare the new mom for the messy job of caring for her little cherub with a nice stash of wipes that she will be incredibly appreciative of.
  • Soft baby towels, in varying sizes, along with a collection of washcloths, are a must-have for every new mom. Since you are getting these baby gifts for girls, you can pick out some pretty pastel pink and purple towels, or stick with neutral colors if there are other children in the house.
  • Laundry detergent that is suitable to use on the clothing that will come into contact with baby’s delicate skin is a must-have. Consider packaging the baby shower gift up in a pink laundry basket, along with some pink towels, and you’ll have one of the most perfect baby gifts for girls.
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  • Bibs, socks, t-shirts, and baby blankets all in different sizes are gifts that a first-time mom is sure to get a lot of. But she is sure to truly appreciate having different sizes on hand as her little one grows. Buy sturdy items that can withstand the various abuses baby items will have to endure, and the numerous washings they will surely have to go through. Generic store brands tend to be a good buy, but stores like the Baby Gap offers a girls selection of clothing will also be a good durable buy for baby.

Diapers can be tricky to buy because the new parents may just discover that they hate a certain brand of diaper after using them on their little one. Gift cards to diaper delivery websites can often be the best choice, unless of course you know that they will be using cloth diapers over disposables.

Thinking Outside of the Diaper Box

Get creative when looking for the perfect baby gifts for girls. From personalized baby gifts that girls are sure to love as they grow up, to unique baby gifts that girls will be able to get practical use from, there are several great ideas for you to consider.

Before the baby shower, ask the new parents if they have picked out a name for their little one. If they have, then you will be able to get some great personalized baby gifts that girls will simply love as they grow with them. From a blanket with her name on it, to a beautiful teddy bear or doll that bears her name, to a customized wall canvas that transforms her name into a work of artistic poetry. There are a number of very interesting gifts that you could consider for the baby girl.

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If baby’s parents are really into cool technology and gadgets then some cool baby gifts for girls could include interactive toys that are customizable and programmable. From a teddy bear that can include your favorite playlist of baby lullabies to interactive bath ducks and even outfits bearing the logos of some of the parents’ favorite sports teams or action heroes. A Doctor Who or Star Trek t-shirt is sure to amuse the new parents, while upping their baby’s cool factor.

Lil' Vampire Baby PacificerLook for baby gifts for girls that will not only be suitable for the sweetness of a baby girl but that will also speak to the personalities and interests of the baby’s parents. Some funny baby gifts for girls could include shirts that have cute little sayings on them. For example, “If you think I’m adorable, you’re right!” or “Baby rock star, rocking the house since 2013!” and “My parents are zombies!”  Pacifiers that have funny things written on them are always a funny choice, like “Mute button” or “Instant hush.” And of course, the vampire teeth pacifier is a classic for parents who have an affinity for vampire books, TV shows, and movies.

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When it comes to baby shower gifts, girls tend to be gifted with a lot of pink. Give the new parents a bit of a break on the color pink by including some neutral white or yellow items, and perhaps even greens, purples, and blues. Also, there really is no firm and fast rule that says girls can’t wear blue.

If you are more inclined to consider baby gifts for girls that are homemade, then are a lot of great options available to you. Some homemade baby gifts for girls could include a knitted baby blanket, a beautifully designed quilt, dresses, hair bows and clips, and even some cute little tag-toys. If you are feeling exceptionally creative then you can put together a pretty diaper cake, using diapers, blankets, towels, ribbons, and even pink baby socks!

Gift certificates to area restaurants that can deliver meals to new parents are always a great choice, so consider gifting one or two of those, so the new parents won’t have to worry about dinner at least one night of the week while adapting to their new life with baby. Remember that while the baby shower is all about ensuring the new parents have plenty of baby gifts, so that they have what they need to welcome their new baby into the world, it is nice to give the new mom a few little gifts of pampering. A gift certificate for a pedicure or just a little collection of nail polishes and hand creams can be just what the new mom needs to feel more like her old self.