Is Your Baby Safe at Home?

Once a baby arrives at home, the need to baby proof the house is inevitable. Baby proofing the house is the best way to keep your baby safe. While baby proofing is not always one hundred percent successful, this will help you to avoid most accidents in your baby. A baby is very active and reaches everything he sees that is why he is prone to injuries and accidents. If you don’t baby proof your house, you will expect the worst to happen to your baby, before something serious will occur at home; you need to baby proof your home.

When your baby is already crawling, this is the start of your problem. Your baby could reach out for everything he finds including cockroaches, spiders, lizards, marbles, coins and other things that are on the floor or on cabinets that are open. What’s worse, your baby could put the small objects in his mouth and swallow them. Mouthing every object that the baby sees around is every baby’s habit and this is normal for them. This is the reason why you should always keep your house clean. Toys that are easily dismantled must not be played by babies nor are toys with small spare parts.

When the baby can already stand up, make sure that you stack all sharp objects in high places that the baby cannot reach. Knives, forks, ball pens and other pointed objects must be in the right places that cannot be reached by the baby. Make sure too that there are no chemicals stored in the lower drawers of the cabinet that the baby could open. Everything should be kept in cabinets with locked doors; such as soaps, detergents, insect sprays, stain remover and other household cleaners.

As your baby grows up, you have to clear all things that may cause injury to your baby. Small chairs that the baby could easily push or pull should not be placed in the baby’s room or any place where the baby plays. Sharp edges of tables, chairs, cabinets and other furniture must be baby-proofed too. You can use foam or a thick piece of cloth to pad the edges of the furniture. Electric sockets must also be covered with tape because the baby could easily insert his small fingers in the hole.  The modern electric sockets are safe.  Fingers cannot be just inserted.

Babies are very active when they are already starting to walk. This is the hardest part and the most exhausting part of parenting.  You are always on the go following your little kid for fear that he will fall down. Babies who are already moving too much should not sleep on the bed or any place that is high. The best place for the baby to sleep is still a crib where he is safe. But watch out if your baby already knows how to climb up because he might try to climb up the crib and fall down. Always check your baby even while he is asleep. The short time that you turn your back could mean an untoward incident if you are not alert.

One of the most dangerous parts of the house that you need to baby proof is the floor. The floor is a dangerous part specially when it is a tiled or marbled floor and it is wet. You should always do something to avoid accidents.   If the floor is made of wood, try not to polish it so much so that it will not be slippery. Let’s face it, when children are still very young, floors must not be polished using wax.

The most critical age of children where you have to monitor their every move is when they are still six months to two years old. These years are their very active years where they are prone to accidents of all types. To avoid such accidents, you have to baby-proof your house properly.