You may think that leg warmers were a thing of the past, but they've come back and are among the hottest trends for babies, toddlers and even bigger kids! Some genius, along the way, discovered that there are many terrific uses for leg and arm warmers for babies and kids. I saw a pair at the store and just had to have them but I mostly picked them up because I thought they were cute. I soon came to realize that leg warmers could become a valuable part of my "must-have" selection of baby gear. Continue reading to learn more about how to find baby and toddler arm and leg warmers cheap!

The first reason I love leg warmers for babies so much is because I hate tights! They never seem to stay where they are supposed to, they're never quite the right size and they make diaper changes a test of patience. I just put a pair of incredibly cute leg warmers on my little girl along with a onesie or a cute dress and she'll not only stay warm, but her knees will be protected as she's crawling around on the carpet – nobody likes a rug burn! There are so many different styles to choose from that I often have a hard time not buying them all, and there's enough variety to match any wardrobe choice you make. These things aren't just to keep baby's legs warm either, they can be put on your little one's arms to keep them cozy in short sleeves without having to put a bulky coat on them that will interfere with the carseat or cause them to overheat.

One of the most helpful uses for these is during potty training. If your little girl is dressed in a beautiful dress and tights, she may have troubles getting undressed fast enough to make it to the bathroom. With leg warmers, there's no difficult and unwieldy tights for her to deal with. It also look better when you don't have the toe seam peeking out of the end of a pair of sandals!

Baby Legs (34719)

One of the most popular brands, and my personal favorite, is Baby Legs. They start as low as 7.99 and also come in an organic model. These things are amazing! I have never had a problem with Baby Legs falling down my little one's legs or spending the whole day pulling them up into place. Just check out this cute ballerina pair to give you an idea of the adorable styles of arm and leg warmers offered by Baby Legs. You definitely can't go wrong with these cozy warmers.

My Little Legs

Another brand of arm and leg warmers is My Little Legs. I haven't had a chance to try these yet, but with a starting price of $4.00 and so many great patterns, how can you go wrong? Just look at these fabulous polka dot leg warmers and how cute they look when worn with a dress. It makes me want to buy about 10 pairs because the patterns are so great.

Bibi and Mimi

The last brand I will talk about is the Bibi & Mimi Leg & Arm Warmers. They start as low as $9.95 and have some really whimsical patterns! Just look at this monkey pattern that could be used for either a little girl or boy – who wouldn't want to be covered in monkeys??

All of these arm and leg warmers are made from the exact same materials; 80% cotton, 15% polyester and 5% spandex to give it a good, snug fit without being too tight on your child's legs or arms. Every time I put them on my daughter I get compliments on how cute they are and am constantly asked where I got those cute tights. While there aren't quite as many uses for boys, I have seen some of the argyle patterns worn with a pair of khaki shorts and it is an incredibly cute look for any little guy! Be sure to shop around for these little gems because sites like and Ebay can have much better deals than the brand's website and paying full price is not necessary with so many great deals out there!