By using a baby beach tent, you can take the entire family to the beach for a day of fun, without mom or dad having to sit back under the trees away from all the fun to protect the little one, or worse yet having to go back to the car to feed or change him. 

Play Shade Tent for Little Ones

Schylling UV Play Shade, SPF 50+, Ultra portable
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Pop Up for Little Ones

Redmon For Kids Beach Baby Pop-Up Shade Dome
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Beach Crib

MooMooBaby Pop-Up Baby Beach Crib Tent
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These beach shelters have been designed to block out harmful UV rays and especially the wind.  They make a great place to nurse your baby or for them to have a nap or to change.  Mom or Dad can still have fun at the beach with the rest of the family while keeping a watchful eye.


These quick to put up beach shelters, fold down to quite small, therefore are not taking up much room in the car or even the stroller.  They are equipped with screened windows, so that you can let in the breezes without the flies or the bugs.  They can also be turned into an activity center for them with a hook in the center to hang a mobile or some toys to keep them busy with.  The flaps can be controlled by rolling up or down to keep strong breezes out if you 

This is a great way to protect your kids from the bright sun and strong winds while lounging on the beach.  It makes a great changing area too.

These have become quite popular recently, as everyone tries to monitor the sun on their skin, plus it is nice just to be able to take a break and a rest in some of the larger beach shelters for families and not have to rely on a tree line for some shade and protection, or those beach umbrellas that offer limited protection.

But if you don’t want to get a larger beach shelter, such as a family sized one,  you can get one designed just for your babies.  These are great to take to the beach and on vacation as well as camping trips.  It is a great place for little ones to take a nap and still be with the family.  These also work well on a deck or porch with a good pad in the bottom.

You can get these baby beach tents or shelters from most kid supply stores and some camping supply stores, but you can get a huge variety online.  You can find different sizes to suit your needs, whether you want it just for the little ones or the entire family and all the snacks, there will be one that is just right for you.

Keeping your kids safe from the sun, wind and bugs makes for a much nicer day at the beach.  So, no more trying to hide yourself under the towels to keep the sun off of them or fussing with one of those beach umbrellas and getting it at the right angle.  Using a baby beach tent gives you the protection they need from all sides and keeps them comfortable.

These do not take up much room, and can make the difference between a stressful day at the beach and a relaxing one!