Are you a first time parent looking to buy baby bedding sets? It's quite a challenge, isn't it? There seem to be so many things you need to think about. There are all the basic necessities like bottles, diapers, baby clothes and a crib. The baby crib bedding set seems almost like an afterthought. Just get some sheets and you are done, right? Pink for a baby girl, blue for a boy, or some neutral color if you do not know the sex of your baby yet.

But it is not really that simple. There are a few important factors you need to keep in mind when you buy your baby bedding sets - comfort, safety, convenience and ease of maintenance, and style. Your baby must be comfortable in his crib. After all, you want him to fall asleep easily, don't you? The faster he falls asleep, and the more he sleeps, the less disturbance to your own sleep. Don't you agree that this is something desirable? To that end, you need to make sure that the mattress pads, sheets, and blankets/quilts/comforters you buy for him all need to be comfortable. They need to be extra smooth and not scratchy. The fabrics from which they are made need to breathe well and not cause sweat to accumulate. That means you want to avoid synthetic fibers like polyester. Whether you buy quilts or blankets or comforters is a matter of taste, but you should get several different weights to suit different seasons - something thick and heavy for winter and very cold nights, and something light for his daytime naps.

Your baby's safety is another important consideration when you buy baby bedding sets. One important object is the bumper that goes around the crib. It keeps your baby safe inside his crib and keeps him from getting stuck or falling between the bars of his crib. It also softens the edges of his crib so that he cannot hurt himself by hitting his head on the rails. Make sure the bumper remains firmly in place and cannot be kicked or thrown off the crib. Another important safety tip is to buy baby crib bedding sets made from hypoallergenic materials - this is especially important if there is a history of allergies in your family. A third is to check with your family doctor whether or not he would recommend baby pillows. There are some people who suspect that these may be factor in SIDS. If you can afford them (and if you can find them), you may want to buy only baby bedding that is made of flame retardant or resistant materials.

Presumably you do not want to spend the whole day just looking after your baby's needs. So convenience and ease of maintenance is an important factor when choosing baby bedding sets. You want to buy enough spare mattress pads, sheets, etc so that you do not have to do baby's laundry every few hours. Make sure they are washable and baby-resistant. After a certain age, babies will tug and pull and gnaw on anything they can get their hands on, so you want to make sure anything you put inside the crib can resist the damage they attempt to cause.

The final important factor is, of course, the style of the baby bedding sets. Just remember that style is for your benefit, not your baby's. The first point is to decide on the overall theme of the nursery - this includes the painting scheme and wallpaper of the nursery as well as the crib and baby bedding sets. Will the theme be gender neutral? This ensures that you do not need any major remodeling for your next baby. Or have you already confirmed the sex of your baby? Some kind of fairy or flower theme for a baby girl, perhaps? Or maybe rockets or trains for a baby boy? Or something else entirely? It is all up to you.

Buying baby bedding sets can seem quite complicated, especially on top of buying all the other basic necessities for your baby. New parents especially need advice and guidance. Just keep these principles in mind when you buy your baby's bedding - the comfort of your baby, his safety, your own convenience and fitting the style of the bedding to the nursery.