baby with baby blocks

Some of the most popular items for babies are baby blocks. Over the years, you've seen this classic theme on everything from invitations to decorations, but that doesn't mean that you can't freshen it up with some new ideas. Perfect for boys, girls and when you don't know the gender of the baby, using baby blocks as the theme lends itself to lots of possibilities. From games to baby shower favors, building a better baby shower with a block theme is easy with these ideas.


Just because you've decided to use blocks, doesn't mean that you can't be creative with the theme. Give it some pizzazz by incorporating a "Block Party," "New Kid On The Block," "B is for Baby," "ABC Shower" or "Building Blocks" theme. Using an additional side theme will help inspire ways to carry out the theme in unique, fun ways.

baby block stencil favor


Rather than using an invitation printed with baby blocks, turn a 2" x 2" favor box into a unique baby block invitation. Start with one that's already printed with the design and cover a couple of the sides with a personalized label. If you're starting with a blank box, interchange the shower information with a traditional baby block design so that no sides are left empty. For those of you who are crafty, you can add the details to a wooden block as a keepsake invitation for the event. Your guests will be intrigued by your ingenuity and are sure to quickly respond.

baby block plate


Instead of table signs, use baby blocks to spell out the information. The letters C-A-K-E would decorate the cake table, while G-I-F-T could be put on the gift table, and so on. For a unique centerpiece, fill a clear vase with assorted baby blocks and add the flowers on the top. If you're going with the "B is for Baby" theme, you can name all the things at the shower in the same way. Place a "T" block with a sign that says "T is for Table", "F is for Food", "G is for Gift", and so on. You can even use it as a fun way to direct them to the restroom.


With guests sitting in groups, give each team a set of baby blocks. See how many words they can create within the time limit. The team with the most words wins. Another game you can play is word scramble. Guests will unscramble of number of words made with baby blocks in their quest to be champion.

baby block candlenew baby block note pad favorblock favor boxes


This theme lends itself to a number of choices for baby shower favors. If you're going with the "New Kid On The Block" theme, you'll discover that this cute block of note paper makes a useful gift. For the "B is for Baby" theme, a traditional block candle may be a good option. Classic baby block favor boxes can be filled with your favorite treat.

baby block cakesbaby block cookies


Sure, you could have a sheet cake with some baby blocks on it, but why do that when you can have square cakes decorated to look like individual baby blocks? A different twist on cupcakes, these individual square mini cakes remind me of oversized petit fours with much more adorable details. Square cookies with a baby block design can also be served as an alternative.