The bedding in your baby boy's crib will be his most intimate item out of everything in the nursery. So naturally the baby boy bedding should be carefully selected to ensure not only great looks but also the most comfort. With the array of styles available today, you may have trouble deciding on the perfect mesh of design and color. Here are some pointers to help guide you if you are lost in the endless amount of choices for baby boy bedding sets.

Picking a theme

Having an attractive and calming theme is very important because the crib and the baby boy crib bedding will be focal point of the nursery. You can consider a design that shares your own passions and is a way to cultivate interest in certain subjects. Are you a nature lover? Try an animal or plant theme. Like astronomy? There are many themes with stars, galaxies and space ships. Sports fans can put their favourite team's logo on and influence their your kids at a young age (unless you are a Cleveland fan). If you like trendy designs you can go with more abstract theme that has simple, soft colors with patterns like polka dots, flowers (yes it looks nice for non feminine colors), or lines.

Keep in mind to pick something that not Baby Boy Bedding (20681)just appeals to you as a parent but also your baby boy. Choose colors and designs that are appropriate, such as blue, pastel colors, and patterns that conveys a soothing feeling. Giving your young man a pink or feminine baby boy nursery bedding is not probably a good idea. You would also want to avoid anything that could potentially be violent or threatening; even colors that are overly bright and flamboyant can be unsuitable for babies. Simple, friendly, and gentle is the way to go.


To complete the decor for the nursery you can add other accessories to go along with the baby boy bedding. Of course you want to match the colors of every item to match so nothing looks out of place. Common accessories include rugs, lamps, window hangings, mobiles, and toys.


No matter how small your budget is safety is one issue that should never be overlooked. Any baby boy bedding that you choose should be as comfortable as possible and should not present any ways to harm your baby. Soft fabrics will give a cozy feel and cotton is also preferred for its natural properties. Watch out for trimmings or pillows that can be too dangly and suffocating for your baby.

Where to find

Many online stores have large selections to choose from and most are organized neatly with pictures. Any Google search should provide endless amount of online shops. Amazon is also a great place with free shipping for orders over $25 and has one of the cheapest prices available. Doing your search on the internet will give you many ideas, but I also recommend to physically touch and feel a product before committing to any baby boy crib bedding sets, unless you don't mind the hassle of returning.