The baby bunny costume is a good pick for the sweet little girl or little boy in your life. Whether you are hoping to dress up your child this fall for Halloween or are looking for something they can wear for Easter pictures, this is a good choice. There are a lot of different varieties to choose from.

Good for Halloween and Easter

One thing that is great about a baby bunny costume is that it is far more useful than a lot of the other costumes for infants out there. That is because it is good for Halloween or Easter. Of course, your baby may be growing too fast to wear it for both since there are several months between the two. But it does add to the value of the costume if you are going to sell it or pass it down after your child is done with it.

If you are going out for Halloween, the whole family can dress up as bunnies. If you don't feel like putting on a full costume, a pair of bunny ears will look good and is affordable and convenient.

Baby Bunny Costumes for Girls and Boys

The baby bunny costume is good for both boys and girls. The best-selling costumes have a lot of pink, so it seems to be a more popular choice for girls. There are other bunny costumes for boys, however. There is a gray one that works for both boys and girls. And there is one that is primarily blue, so everyone will know that your bunny is a boy.

Lil Bunny Infant Costume

Baby Bunny CostumeThis is great for younger infants for a couple of different reasons. It is made for babies who are three to twelve months old. This is a very comfortable costume because it is a hooded cape with mittens and booties. Your child can wear their own pajamas underneath it and be quite comfortable. The cape fastens at the neck with a carrot. The booties and mittens match the outfit.

The picture is a little deceiving because the ears don't stand up straight unless you add something to make them do so. Instead they are floppy. I think this is perhaps even cuter because I love floppy eared rabbits, but if you are hoping for ears that stand straight up you will be disappointed.

Rubie's Precious Pink Wabbit Costume

girl baby bunny costumeOf course Rubie's Costume Co. makes one of the most popular infant rabbit costumes. This fuzzy pink outfit is great for your little girl. It comes in extra-small for newborns to six months old babies, small for infants who are six to twelve months old, and medium for children who are twelve to eighteen months old. This costume does run a bit big, so if your baby is small you might want to get the Lil Bunny Infant costume instead.

This is a cute and cozy pink romper that is made from chenille and flannel. The feet, tummy, and ears are gingham. The soles of the feet are non-skid. The costume has a pink satin bow at the throat and a big white pompom on the ears.

Rubie's Blue Bunny Infant Costume

boy baby bunny costumeThis is also made by Rubie's for your little boy. It comes in three different sizes: zero to six months, six to twelve months, and twelve to eighteen months. Some parents say it runs a little big, so keep that in mind if your child is between sizes. It costs between $20-$40, depending on both size and where you buy it from.

This costume consists of a fuzzy blue jumper, a blue hood, and some booties. The belly is white with a blue tie on the top. The hood has floppy ears accented in white and a big white pompom on the top.

Lil Characters Infant Bunny Costume

gray baby bunny costumeIf the first two costumes are too pink for you, you might prefer the Lil Characters baby bunny costume. This costume is mostly gray and white, with a little bit of pink on the ears, soles of the feet, and nose so it is a good choice for both girls and boys. It comes in a wider variety of sizes than many baby costumes. The small is for six to twelve months. The medium is for twelve to eighteen months. The large is for eighteen to twenty-four months. It is more expensive than many baby costumes and runs between $40-$50, but it does have a lot of details.

This costume is made from 100% polyester. It consists of a body suit, a hood, booties, and a plush carrot. The booties, which are only to be worn indoors, slip easily on and have non-skid material on the bottom. The hood has long and floppy ears on it. It looks like a bunny looking upwards because there is a pink nose near the top and a hanging bunny tooth. The body suit is mostly gray with a white tummy and white near the hands to represent paws. It can be machine washed as long as you use the gentle cycle and cold water.

Cuddly Bunny Baby Costume

white baby bunny costumeThis is meant for older babies and toddlers who are one to two years old. It's a fairly inexpensive costume and only costs around $20. It is a white costume with pink accents, so it is great for girls.

The main pieces of this baby bunny costume are the jumpsuit, the hood, and the mittens. The jumpsuit has snaps at the back and on the legs for easy diaper changing. The hood also uses snaps to attach to the rest of the outfit. Large ears stick up from the hood. The mittens are attached so they won't be lost while you are out trick or treating. It is a comfortable costume that is made out of 100% polyester.

Other Baby Costume Ideas

If you are looking for another costume that can be used for both Halloween and Easter, consider the baby lamb costume which has versions for both boys and girls. If you are only interested in a cute outfit for Halloween, take a look at the baby pea pod costume or the baby lion costume.