There are so many different styles and brands of baby cribs in the marketplace to choose from, that making a selection can be daunting, although some of the most popular items are those that can be converted from infant use to toddler beds and then juvenile furniture.

While many parents look first for color style and cost when shopping for infant furniture, their initial priority should be whether the product meets the standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. After all, one of the most important aspects of putting your baby down to for a quiet nap or full night's sleep in a baby crib is having peace of mind that he or she is safe.

First, make sure that any bars or vertical slats are sturdy and built so that there is no more than 2-3/8 inches apart to insure that the baby's body cannot slip out and that his head cannot get stuck between them. The same width regulations apply to decorative openings in the end walls. If there is any weakness or damage to the bars, many experts recommend that you discard it, rather than trying to fix something that might break again. They also suggest that you actually destroy the crib before placing it out on the curb so that someone else does not try to use a dangerous item.

The next thing to look at is the mattress. Be sure that it fits tightly against all sides of the crib so that there is no chance of the baby crawling underneath it. In addition, it should be firm to prevent any unnecessary risks of suffocation should the infant's nose or mouth become smothered by loose or soft material.

The same goes for baby crib mattress covers. It is very important to make sure that they are made from material that cannot be ripped or punctured. Make sure you remove all traces of any plastic wrapping that the crib may have been covered in when delivered and throw it out to that the baby cannot get entangled it by accident.

Another thing to consider when buying a bed for your infant is whether or not you want to get one that has casters on the legs. While this may make it easier for you to move it for cleaning and other purposes, it can pose a danger if there are older children who might want to play with the baby by rolling him or her down the hall or possibly near stairs. If you do buy one that has wheels, be sure that they can be locked to prevent it from rolling you can get more information at your baby crib site online.

Once you have selected the baby crib you want, be sure you know how to use it correctly. Always make sure that you raise the sides to their full height and be sure that the manual locking mechanism works properly before putting your baby down to sleep and lock them when your infant is inside. Never buy a product that does not come with fully functional one.