Looking for the perfect baby crib can be quite tough not because there are limited options but because there are simply too many. In fact a single store can carry as much as 1001 and units that come in all shape and sizes. And these numerous options just make the entire selection process quite troublesome.

So to somehow help narrow down the search, here are some notable baby crib reviews that you may want to keep in mind the next time you go out for crib shopping.

Convertible Cribs

The convertible cribs always manage to top baby crib reviews over the internet and in other sources. This popularity can mostly be attributed to the fact that these pieces are quite versatile.

They are not only baby cribs per se, but when their railings are folded down or detached, they can also transform into a day or a full – sized bed that your child can sleep on as he or she becomes older.

However, to some models, versatility often comes with a price. Convertible cribs can easily cost two to three times more than the regular crib depending on their make.

Basic Cribs

The main difference of basic cribs from the convertible ones is that their railings are often permanently set, making them just your regular crib and nothing else.

While some see this as a restriction, experts consider this feature as an advantage. They believe that these classical cribs are better than their counterparts because stationery railings are often safer and less prone to accidents.

Travel Cribs

These cribs are somewhat different compared to the first two models mentioned. Unlike the first two whose railings are made of wood, travel cribs are safer alternatives because their railings are made of soft materials like foam and other breathable fabrics.

They are also relatively lighter compared to other cribs in the market, making them easier to carry and set – up during travel. In addition, these cribs often come with a built – in mattress to provide additional comfort to your baby given any time of the day.

These features caused them to top recent baby crib reviews from parents and experts alike.

What is the downside?

Apart from being the most expensive compared to those that were mentioned so far, they often do not last that long. Once the fabric rips and once the foam sags, the crib becomes pretty much useless. They are also harder to clean and maintain compared to those are made of other materials.

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