Diaper Deals
Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mig/306297245/

Babies may be little bundles of joy, but keeping them in diapers can cost you a bundle of cash. There are many different tactics for getting diapers at the cheapest possible price, from warehouse clubs to coupons to online diaper retailers. But as a dad to three small children, the cheapest and easiest option I have found for diapers and wipes is from Amazon.com. The online retailer best known for books has grown to sell almost any product imaginable, including a wide variety of diapers and other baby care items. Their list prices are competitive with warehouse club prices and much cheaper than most retail stores even after coupons, but there are three factors that can make diapers from Amazon much cheaper than anywhere else.

  1. Free Amazon Prime benefits with Amazon Mom Amazon Prime is great for frequent Amazon customers, but did you know you can get these benefits without the annual costs? Amazon recently started a free program called Amazon Mom, which allows free two-day shipping regardless of your purchase amount with Amazon Prime for three months, which can be extended up to one year by spending more on baby-related items on Amazon. Don't let the name fool you - enrollment in the Amazon Mom program is open to fathers as well as grandparents and others who care for dependent children, in addition to mothers.
  2. Subscribe & Save 30% discount Amazon's Subscribe & Save service allows for regular scheduled delivery of a variety of grocery and personal care items, including diapers, and offers a 15% discount when you create these recurring delivery orders. However, Amazon gives an additional 15% discount on Subscribe & Save for Amazon Mom members on baby-related items for a total discount of 30%. Subscribe & Save service can be cancelled at any time, so there is no obligation to make additional purchases to get the 30% discount.
  3. Amazon 20% off coupon codes Amazon often runs ads in parenting magazines such as Parents with coupon codes good for an additional 20% off any item. If you can't find these in magazines, you can often buy the codes off eBay.

With the Subscribe & Save discounts I have not been able to beat Amazon's diaper prices. Other benefits include delivery right to your door and, in some states, no sales tax charged on your purchase, which can be the equivalent of another 8% discount.

Children can be expensive, which is why frugal living tips are so important. Hopefully this can help you keep a little extra money in your pocket.