If you're expecting or are in the process of planning a family then you probably already know that the market is full of baby related items and products claiming to be must-have. However, most of those products while some may be nice to have most are highly unnecessary and provide little in the department of convenience or being a real must-have for you and your baby. In this top list we will discuss products that made it to my baby list essentials and a few second place items that you may find convenientConvertible Diaper Bag Comes In Several Colors as a new parent.

Number One Baby Essentials: Diaper Bag

The diaper bag is perhaps one of the most essential items that you should have on your list. It's not like years ago when you had to tote around an obvious, and often unsightly looking Diaper Bag for baby, now there are bags for even the most casual or professional mom's. The diaper (or carry all ) bag not only comes in handy at the hospital to store baby's must-have items such as clothes, formula or bottles and diapers but it will also come in handy after you leave the hospital anytime you have to travel with your little one. The diaper bag will store diapers, baby wipes, extra clothing items, food, bottles, pacifiers and a number of other essential items that you may find yourself in need of when you are on the go.

Number Two Baby Essentials: Car Seat

If you plan to travel anywhere or with anyone and take your little one along then a car seat is a definite must-have and should top your baby essentials checklist. When it comes to car seats it is important that as a parent you: are careful and check to make sure the baby car seat you are interested in is not on a list of manufacturer/store recalls, research product reviews and also pay attention to which product or brand will provide the most benefit for you and your baby. You can find some car seat combos that include a stroller or simply a car seat designed for a newborn that will transition into toddler stages as well. Though you can just as easily find simple, standard car seats that are designed for newborn or toddler individually. You may find your biggest feat when searching for car seat is the enormous selection of brands, styles, colors and designs that you have to choose between.

Number Three Baby Essentials: Stroller

Stroller and Baby Car Seat Combo ModelCredit: Amazon (Baby Trend)Whether going for a walk or shopping at the mall a stroller is another must-have baby essential that made my list. Strollers not only make staying active easier but they can also take a lot a strain off mom or dad's arms and back that can come with toting a heavy car seat or growing baby during long and short trips to the store or anywhere outside of the house. The selection you'll find with baby strollers, much like car seats, can be overwhelming. With choices designed for convenience, simplicity to those with more active and specific needs-such as carrying or strolling more than one child or providing a place to store a diaper bag or groceries right down to to the parent with an active fitness schedule that needs a stroller designed for jogging.

Number Four Baby Essentials: Crib Tent

For parents that choose to place their baby to sleep or nap in a crib - then a crib tent is a good item to add to your baby essentials checklist. A crib tent is often a zip up mesh topper for the crib. This topper, or tent, is designed to help keep baby from falling or climbing out of the crib during nap time. This product can also come in handy if your household pets, especially cats,that may have a tendency or curiousity and want to check out baby while they are sleeping, though crib tents are not necessarily designed to ward off small household pets you can never be too careful.

Number Five Baby Essentials: Highchair

It may be a while before a highchair becomes necessary but when it does it definitely pays to have one on hand. There are many styles to choose from including standalones, highchairs that breakdown into booster seats for table sitting to more faith requiring design such as those that lock on to a tables edge. Once your baby moves from formula or breastmilk to more solid foods as a parent you will find the highchair to be a great convenience. Children are curious and fun loving and that by nature- when combined together with food - can equal a whole lot of mess. The highchair will help control the mess and also give your baby a safe place to sit and eat or be fed.

This next set of items are not essential products (on my baby checklist) but some parents may find them to be essential, convenient or simply nice to have around.

Bottle warmer - with so many other ways to warm or heat up the bottle the bottle warmer did not make my baby essentials checklist. For me it was merely one more thing to clutter my counters in a sea of new baby items but for some other parents who found holding the bottle under warm water or warming it on the stove inconvenient or little nerve-racking (trying to get the bottle the right temp) it has proven beneficial.

Pacifier - If you ask around enough chances are you will run across several parents who will tell you they do not know how they would've survived without a pacifier for their baby and perhaps an equal amount who don't believe in or condone the use of pacifiers. If you are parent who does not look down on the use of a pacifier you may find the "binky" to be both soothing to you and your newborn.

While some of the items that you see on my baby essentials checklist are a definite must-have you may have also noticed that others are there merely for the added convenience they can provide you, as a new parent. It's easy as a new parent to be bamboozled by some of the high-tech advertising that surrounds baby products, having been a parent four times over it has gotten easier to see through these ads but as a first time parent I was easily fooled and had a closet full of unopened baby products to show for it. Outside of what you see above other items that came in most useful include: baby bottle brush, bouncer (vibrating chair), baby swing, sink tub and nursery organizers.