Over the years, man is still searching for the most effective weight loss plan. Many have tried expensive food supplements, but the truth is only a handful of these products would give promising results. Others try the conventional exercise regimen even to the extent of following a certain program, but still there's no assurance that it will give you the desired result. In the quest for attaining a fit and sexy body, what is the best way to lose weight? In recent times there's a popular trend that's been followed by some and that is by eating baby food to lose weight. Is this really an effective solution on the way to a lean and healthy looking body? We'll talk about this fad about the baby food diet for weight loss.

Baby Food Diet Origin:
The idea of consuming baby food as a means for dieting is pretty uncommon. We have heard of certain diet plans that are introduced by many experts but how come this concept became an acceptable practice to most people? According to a popular entertainment magazine in the United States the one who started the baby food diet was Heidi Slimane a well-known New York based fashion designer and a creative director of one of the top fashion brands. He thought of eating 3-4 jars of baby food as a meal replacement because of its high nutritional value. He believed that this unusual practice paid off eventually because he was able to achieve a fit body that he always wanted. After his testimony was heard by the public many people followed him including famous Hollywood celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

The Baby Food Dieting Process:
The practice of eating baby food as a replacement to a meal has been going around for quite some time now. People who follow this select 3 to 4 jars of baby food (flavor may vary depending on the selection) and then consume this before meal time. Usually they replace lunch with this diet because it's common for us to eat heavily at noon time. Others even go to the extent of replacing 2 meals a day namely lunch and dinner.

Advantages And Disadvantages:
Like any other diet plan the baby food diet also has some benefits and downsides. The brighter side of eating baby food according to practitioners is the fact that baby food has high amounts of nutrients that can make our body healthier. Aside from that it's convenient to prepare for it is stored in jars and it's ready to eat. No refrigeration required. Moreover one jar of baby food only has 200 calories or less. This means that you can have the pleasure of eating it without worrying that you might exceed the daily 2000 calorie requirement.

Looking into the down side of this diet, there is still no medical proof that can back up the efficiency of this diet plan. Baby food is originally made for babies with new digestive systems that's why it has low sodium content. It is not designed for adults. Moreover, baby food is not very tasteful and it's mushy in substance. Thus making it less appealing for an adult person to eat.

Although there's still much to be proven about the baby food diet for weight loss many people are still following this believing that it gives positive results. Given the fact that it's high in nutritional content baby food is specifically made for babies. Even so as long as there's a daily supplement of one adult size meal to go along with the baby food diet this plan will definitely be an effective tool for losing weight.